Artist Core

TTT’s Artist Core gives artists creative agency and responsibility in the organization. Each year, TTT invites artists to weigh in on the artistic vision, programming, organizational structures and policies; propose new ways to engage diverse and non-traditional audiences; work as teaching artists and serve as artistic ambassadors.

Sarah Agnew
"While performing and attending TTT shows, I have experienced such a deep connection between audience and performer that is unparalleled and deeply gratifying from both vantage points."
Brian Bose
“While performing in a TTT show, you are completely revealed. You cannot hide!”
Aimee Bryant
"Halfway through a scene, I realized I was in a room full of homeless people who were laughing. It completely transformed my mood."
Cristina Florencia Castro
"What activates me as an artist is TTT's value that theater is better when everyone is in the audience."
Sun Mee Chomet
"TTT is one of the few places where the audience changes you."
Tyson Forbes
"The joy is in finding your way into any group, no matter their background, and finding the humanity that we all share. "
H. Adam Harris
“As a teaching artist you learn so much from your students. But until TTT, I never imagined that an actor could learn so much from an audience. "
Jo Holcomb
"For many years, I attended Ten Thousand Things as an audience member and now have the incredible honor to work as part of the artistic team."
George Keller
"I love coming to a different understanding with each individual audience - as if each show is its own private conversation."
Elise Langer
"A theater that cares about the audience and the story the most? Sign me up!"
Tracey Maloney
"I love performing with TTT because of the amazing breadth of both audiences and venues."
Greta Oglesby
"My very first Shakespeare role was with TTT. Michelle Hensley was brave enough to cast me as The Earl of Kent in King Lear."
Kira Obolensky
"Writing plays (especially for Ten Thousand Things) is a workout for my imagination, my brain and my heart."
Mo Perry
"There's healing and joy in inhabiting a shared story in a shared time and place."
Kimberly Richardson
"What I most enjoy about working with Ten Thousand Things is performing big human stories for new audiences, up close and in conversation."
T. Mychael Rambo
"TTT creates a sanctuary where the sacred can be found in the ordinary, in the silence, in the fullness of sound and in the convergence of that which is seen and unseen."
Will Sturdivant
"TTT has been a playground for my authenticity. If forces the actor to ground themselves in their truth, body and be specific with their storytelling"
Regina Marie Williams
"I have been an audience member at many other TTT shows. What I have learned for sure at TTT is that theatre is not a place but an experience."

We celebrate the amazing artists who have previously served in our Artist Core: Katie Bradley, Shá Cage, Maggie Chestovich, Stephen D’Ambrose, Bob Davis, Joy Dolo, Kate Eifrig, Matt Guidry, Terry Hempleman, Steve Hendrickson, Darien Johnson, Barbara Kingsley, Kurt Kwan, Jim Lichtscheidl, Vera Mariner, Ron Menzel, Stephen Mohring, Kris Nelson, Sonja Parks, Randy Reyes, Jason Rojas, Thallis Santesteban, Matt Sciple, Dennis Spears, Austene Van, Ricardo Vazquez, Peter Vitale and Karen Wiese-Thompson.