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The 2023/24 Season: Connection

Connection is the theme for our 30th Anniversary Season. The levity of comedy dances with the depth of humanity as we invite audiences to explore unique connections that transform, heal, and contribute to healthy communities.

Twelfth Night

October 5 - November 19, 2023

"No one does Shakespeare like Ten Thousand Things. TTT is able to distill Shakespeare's (and other) plays down to the emotional truth of the story, building it back up into something that's accessible and relatable for everyone." — Spoon and Cherry

Ten Thousand Voices

January 19-26, 2024

Ten Thousand Voices returns to affirm and reflect the voices of our community partners by inviting participants to respond to writing prompts. This year the program invites teens to share their creativity and voices.

The Hatmaker's Wife

February 9 - March 17, 2024
A young woman moves in with her boyfriend expecting domestic bliss, but instead finds magical revelations. This whimsical and surreal story bends time and space to redefine the idea of family, home, and true love.
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The Spitfire Grill

April 25 - June 9, 2024

Percy Talbot has just been released from prison. In search of a fresh start, she travels to the small town of Gilead, Wisconsin and gets a job at Hannah’s Spitfire Grill. This inspiring musical celebrates fresh starts and the power of what one person can do.