Greta Oglesby

“When l entered that first Women’s Prison, l thought, ‘How are (These People) going to understand the likes of Shakespeare!’ What a revelatory experience that was; and a defining moment in my theatre career. Not only did they understand the story, but they reacted to it viscerally, and in very human ways. Storytelling is meant to be heard by all people, no matter where you fall in the spectrum. What comes from the heart, reaches the heart. With TTT, there are no lights to dim, no elaborate set to stroll about, and no extravagant costumes to enhance an actor’s performance, just his/her heart. So, thank you TTT for giving your audiences some of the Very Best performances you can see in the Twin Cities. Bravo!”

Greta is an esteemed veteran of the American theater community. Her resume includes five seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, numerous shows at the Guthrie, Goodman Theatre, and Penumbra Theatre. Her book, “Mama N Nem…Handprints On My Life,” was produced as a film by Ten Thousand Things and Freestyle Films.