The Winter's Tale

October 5 - November 17, 2019

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Marcela Lorca
Music & Sound by Peter Vitale

Featuring Stephanie Bertumen, Sha Cage, Cristina Florencia Castro, James Craven, Steven Epp, Christopher Jenkins, Mo Perry, William Sturdivant and Karen Wiese-Thompson

Costumes – Sonya Berlovitz
Sets – Nick Golfis
Song Composer – JD Steele
Props – Nicole DelPizzo
Dramaturg – Jo Holcomb
Assistant Director – Sam Weisberg

An epic tale that takes you from the tyrannical power of jealousy, to the promise of renewal, through magic, miracles and the quality of forgiveness that only true love can bring.

Attendee at YMCA Cora McCorvey
"Amazing, just magical, I couldn’t imagine when I came into this room, how immersed I would feel, and how lifted off the ground I would be.”
Addie at Open Book
"It was such a glorious, joyful, heart filled experience. What a gift; thank you!"
Eric at North Hennepin Community College
"I haven’t felt Shakespeare in that way for so so long… So proud to live in a community where artistry like this exists and is shared with such generosity."
Susan at North Garden Theater
"The Winter’s Tale was captivating. I really enjoyed the creativity in having the actors play different roles, not confined by gender or size or color. Brilliant. A role model for other theaters and for greater society. Well done!"
Attendee at Kings Crossing
"One elderly woman just sat there after the curtain call with her hand on her heart repeating, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Attendee at Open Book
“I wept and shook with terror in the first half, and I wept and shook with laughter in the second.”
Attendee at St Paul Jewish Community Center
"I really appreciated the diversity in the cast—when it got to the emotions of the play, everyone was one color, everyone was equal."
Homeless Man at Open Book
“So so so good. And I DID feel like I belonged in that room. Only one other time I’ve felt that in this whole building and that was when I saw y’all’s last play. I was in the room but not, ya know? So good. I’ll try and find y’all in March again. I’m LIFTED!”
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