February 9 - March 17, 2024

The Hatmaker's Wife

by Lauren Yee

Directed by Joel Sass
Music by Katherine Fried

Featuring Pedro BayónMichelle de Joya, Tyson Forbes, Jim Lichtscheidl, Clay Man Soo, Kimberly Richardson

Costumes   Sonja Berlovitz
Sets & Props   Joel Sass/Noah Sommers Haas
Dramaturg   Isabella Dawis
Stage Manager   Matthew Meeks

A young woman moves in with her boyfriend expecting domestic bliss, but instead finds magical revelations. This whimsical and surreal story bends time and space to redefine the idea of family, home, and true love. Originally planned for spring 2020, TTT is thrilled to finally bring this production to audiences.

See behind the scenes and cast interviews here.


Star Tribune
“…intimate and human…a production that plays out like bubbles on the eyelids of a dreamer.”
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Attendee at St Peter Regional Treatment Center
“Thank you for coming back. The plays you bring are such a bright light for us here. It humanizes us, it provides us relief, and it makes me think. Thank you.”
Attendee at St Paul Opportunity Center
“My favorite part???? I liked all of it!!!!”
Attendee at Hennepin Avenue Church
“Such wonderful actors and such incredible work you all do. I am inspired and moved every time I come.”
The Stages of MN
“The Hatmaker’s Wife is a thoroughly entertaining and magical night at the theater with a superb cast performing a work that feels timeless”
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Attendee at Ramsey County Correctional Facility
“Amazing. Beautiful. Tragic. Everything I love in a story.”
Attendee at Carty Heights
“I absolutely loved it. I’ve seen every show you’ve brought us after COVID and they just keep getting better. Come back!”
Attendee at Open Book
"The Hatmaker's Wife left me speechless with a production full of heart, imagination and stunning performances."
Attendee at Hennepin Avenue Church
“What a powerful show about life, love, connection, and those "floaty" feelings we sometimes can't avoid. Thank you for sharing the power of TTT. The BEST theatre in Minneapolis, hands down!!!”
Tallkin' Broadway
“…a warm-hearted play mounted with spools of imagination and affection.”
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Attendee at Carty Heights
“Your production was stunning! We have seen other Ten Thousand Things productions but this was the best. The play itself is remarkable and thought-provoking; I left crying but I belly laughed through much of the show. The acting was extraordinary, probably the finest work of the lead actors.”
Attendee at Open Book
“The Hatmaker's Wife was a beautifully staged, enthralling dramedy…Ten Thousand Things elevates what is possible for theater and the creative arts.”
Cherry and Spoon
“It’s funny sad, and sweet…and as always uniquely and perfectly executed by the cast and creative team at Ten Thousand Things.”
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Attendee at Avalon School
"I was among the people crying. I'm very emotional. it was emotionally moving.”
Attendee at Hennepn Avenue Church
“Truly enjoyed the performance. The actors are so talented. I appreciate the small venue. The closeness to the stage. The intimacy one feels with the characters and the story that is revealed.”
Attendee at Open Book
"The plot was engaging, the acting was superb, and the show was mesmerizing. I especially enjoyed the magic of memories in jars and a wall that takes everything in. The music and sound effects added so much to the magic. I replay parts over and over in my mind. Thank you so much for your artistry."
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After the Show

Dive deeper into the play and production.