The Fisherman's Wife - Virtual Reading

February 26-28, 2021

by Timothy Mason

Directed by Leo Geter

Featuring Bob DavisMichelle O’NeillJason Rojas and Thallis Santesteban

Stage Manager – Salima Seale
Technical/Design Support – Peter Morrow

 In this new work, a young man goes on a fishing trip and comes home with a woman who becomes his wife. A whole new life opens for both of them — a sad story with a happy ending. Or is it? The Fisherman’s Wife explores the stories we tell each other to make meaning of our lives, to rejoice together in our joys, and to survive the devastating pain we suffer.

"The performance was a delightful surprise. I'd never seen a virtual play before and I'd never have believed that it could be brought off so successfully. I was captivated."
Nancy & Jack
"Our hearty applause to each of the wonderful cast, and to Marcela and the production crew for an OUTSTANDING virtual presentation of The Fisherman’s Wife! A unique and memorable tale, very well written - a real TTT treat! We watched it from our easy chairs, but were remembering and pretending to be in chairs at Open Book! We are grateful to have been able to enjoy this fine performance."
"Wow! Wonderful wonderful beautiful play super zoom production!! Thank you so much!"
"Wow! So riveting, such a great story. You are all are amazing! Thanks to you and your whole group for continuing to bring us these incredible, meaningful productions, especially in these difficult times!"
"I LOVED IT. The acting was so good and the story compelling enough that I soon forgot we were remote. I was immersed in the story. You always work that magic in your live performances but this time you did it with even less—no props, remote. Amazing!!"
"Thank you for a gorgeous theatrical experience. It was breathtaking. Having a hard time coming back to reality. Beautiful play, exquisitely produced. Wonderful cast! WONDERFUL. Thank you so very much."
"This was such an extraordinary production! Thought-provoking and entrancing. So many layers of stories, and narratives about narratives. Fascinating. So engrossing, I actually forgot that I wasn’t in a real theatre!"
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