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Patrick Henry High School

Untitled by Bri R.
The urge to break everything around me caring so much for you to turn around and drown me, knowing how if you knew my love has turned to hatred maybe then now you’ll realize you lost someone who was thinking of you 24/7 and the love has died down gave all my time and love for you and still you thought i frowned, maybe then I should have went but I wanted you to realize, oblivious to all you stay I fall im burning from all this hatred.

Untitled by Ladraea
A guy named Jim wears yellow socks every wednesday (Bc of tradition). His friends make fun of him bc of this. And so does everyone else. They call him many names But mainly yellow mellow loser (:)) This has been going on for years, people have printed his socks all over school and he can only eat in the Bathroom now. He always used to hide his socks under his shoes. One day he accepts it he stands on a table and do this whole speech and it touched many people now everyone wears yellow socks on wednesday even teachers

Music by Ladraea
Dear music, Through all the tears and laughter. The sweet lovely melodies you play to me. You being there for me when I smile. The happiness your vocals send to my ears and head sending me directly through heaven.

Untitled by Ladraea
I’ll have this small house (Not a cottage, just a house) in the middle of the woods where no one comes. Surrounded by all types of animals. (birds,dogs,tigers,lions,squirrels,racoons,cats,horses, etc) and they would be able to do human things like talk, cook, clean and more. And I’ll talk to only them and we would all watch TV together and enjoy eachothers company. It would be surrounded by trees and flowers and fruits and the rules would be no other humans besides me. (The Lions will attack) No going outside the house after dark unless you’re the butterflies and birds. I will also have chipmunks who sing named Alvin Simon and Theodore.

Forest by Saniya
It’s always calling, the whisper of the wind, the songs of the river and the melody of the trees. Her calls take many forms. . .

Her trees calculate the melodies of my childhood.My memories stay engraved on the bark. Her leaves create the soft touch of a hug . The melodies rift slowly against the stump, whisking the bad memories away.

Her river sings the songs of my teenhood. The slow mist of classical and the loud waterfalls of rock. The smooth rocks on the river bed show her passion. The rigid cliffs her angst, her anxiety, the depression. The songs the river sings are never simple, though preshis nonetheless.

Her winds create the whispers of the future. The soft breeze of air in my hair. Her attractive fields blowing with the breeze. Her silent storm approaching.

Oh how I could feel her whispers daily. To discover her songs day after day. I wish to seize her melodies to keep for my own.

Dream Home with Unexpected Stranger by Saniya Forest
ME: (holding a basket of strawberries): Whew, this was a great harvest. I’m thinking strawberry cake, what about you chewy?

(Chewey the cat is nowhere to be seen. The cow stares at me, waiting for something. Stranger enters, hood up)

ME: Who? What- what the?

STRANGER: OMG! HI! (She takes off her hood, revealing a very pretty woman with flowers in her hair) I have been looking all over this place

ME: What do you want? (suspiciously eyeing the stranger)

STRANGER: I found your cat! (she reveals her arms to be holding a black cat)

ME: (relief) geez, you scared me. I thought you were a killer or something (puts down basket on a small chair)

STRANGER: (looks around) This place is so cute! Are those strawberry bushes? I love strawberries! OMG! A cow! I used to have a cow! Chickens too! Omg are you going to make a cake? I love cake! Can I help!

ME: Um, sure. Follow me, what’s your name by the way?

STRANGER: Sophie, and you must be Niya, huh? (She points to the flowery sign on the door saying “Niya’s House”).

ME: Come on in Sophie, I’d love to make a cake with you.

(leading into house)
(now in a small kitchen)

ME: we have all the essentials here, a fridge, an oven.

SOPHIE: Wow! This is so cute! And you’re such a cutie too!! (talking to cat)

ME: (smiles) Let’s get to this cake huh,

SOPHIE: (picks out strawberries) This place is pretty cool, I love the vibe. ME: Yeah, it’s been my place since forever. It’s lovely but Chewey and and cow keep me company.

SOPHIE: Chewey is such a good name but cow? Thats. . .

ME: (laugh) I know it’s bad. I don’t have the best imagination

SOPHIE: (now mixing) I can help you work on that, (smiles towards me)

ME: that would be nice (smiles back)

(ME and SOPHIE both go to grab the cake pan, touch hands)

SOPHIE: Oh Sorry

ME: That would be nice (smiles back)

(ME and SOPHIE both go to grab the cake pan, touch hands)

SOPHIE: Oh Sorry

ME: No, it’s okay

SOPHIE: I’m glad I found your cat, I met you.

ME: No, It’s okay

SOPHIE: I’m glad I found your cat, I met you.

ME: I think it’s better cooking with someone else, not just with myself.

SOPHIE: I think so too (holds hand tighter)

ME: Let’s finish this cake. (smiles sweetly)


Yellow Socks by Saniya Forest
ROSE: OMG! Lily, Marigold. Did you see Dandelions yellow socks?

MARIGOLD: (laughs) I did. They were something huh? They need to get it together.

LILY: They were so horrendous! I would never! ROSE: Same, never in my life!

(Dandelion enters)

DANDELION: Hey guys, hows it going?

MARIGOLD: Nothing, (giggles to ROSE and LILY) just talking about yellow . .

DANDELION: Oh? Yellow’s pretty cool

MARIGOLD: and how ugly it is! Geez I’ve never seen a worse color, right guys?

ROSE: (nods) for sure yellow;s gross and stupid. Excpecially yellow socks!

LILY: ew! Yellow socks? I would never ever (laugh)

DANDELION: it’s not that bad

ROSE: Ugh, I can’t stand yellow.

MARIGOLD: Dandelion, your socks are ugly!

DANDELION: Whats wrong with LILY: Take them off! If you don’t take them off then leave.

(ROSE, MARIGOLD nod, DANDELION doesn’t move)

ROSE: well get going then, no one around here wants you to be.

LILY: leave

MARIGOLD: leave now

ROSE: Yellow socks are ugly

LILY: Take them off or leave

ROSE: Take them off



ROSE: What did you just say to me?

DANDELION: I said stop, what’s wrong with you people? They’re socks. These are socks. Geez, what is wrong with my socks? Sure you can think that yellow is ugly. But why do you feel the need to berate me when I wear these? How do these socks affect your life? In what ways have these socks affected your life? Get your act together. Have you ever thought about how this feels? How being made fun of by others would feel? “Your socks are ugly” “I can’t stand yellow” okay? Keep it to yourself. Sometimes I wonder if people understand the effect they have on others. Do better. Just be better. I’m going to leave now, but think about what I said. Bye.

Hilarity Lake by Tejon
If someone would visit my place they will have to sign there name on a paper then I will introduce them to my cat and dogs then I’ll show them around like were eveything is then we will eat lunch and watch TV. AFter that we would go for a swim in a pool or play video games or ride roller coasters. The visitors can pick what we do since its there first time in my imaginary place. ALso called Hilarity Lake. But nobody can sleep there after the time is up on how long they can stay they will need to sign out.

My place would be in space. I would have a mansion with a room that has a hot tub and a pool with roller coasters. It would only be me, my cat, and my dog. It would be no outside we’ll just stay inside and in my place whatever I imagine I will come to life.


My Virtual Life Twin by Victoria Morrison
I’m sitting on the couch and a woman identical to me walks in my house.

HER-Hey whats up?

ME- Woah who are you?

HER-I’m the virtual version of you

ME-Etf virtual?

HER- Yes this is a virtual world

ME- How did I get here?

HER- I’m wondering the same thing, if you’re here who is in your world?

ME-I have no idea one min I was in my living room and there was a random phone I picked it up and it zapped me and I sat it back down went to my couch now here we are.

HER- What color was the phone?

ME- Black and white stripes and very boxy

HER- That’s my phone, how the hell did it get in your world?

ME- I don’t know

HER- This is really bad no one can see you here

ME- But your aloud to see me>

HER- Yes I created this virtual reality

ME-So you’re human?

HER-Yes that’s why I’m confused

ME-Are we twins? I’m human too

HER- I don’t know my family always told me that Im the only child but they always kept me in the basement

ME- Huh? I was always kept upstairs, I never was aloud to leave

HER- Me too, I finally ran away when I was nine.

ME- Woah, I had this huge birthday party when I turned ten it was the first time I seen the whole house

HER-So do you think we are related?

ME- maybe but how did your phone end up in my world?

HER-I don’t know this is crazy, let me look at the cameras around the town maybe a portal opened up

ME- A portal?

*Not My Actual Dream* by Victoria Morrison
My imaginary home is a big modern house with a lot of technology controlling the house very neutral colors big couch very comfy finger print doors that also have a code just incase, elevator, this big house will be located in Denver Colorado there air is very fresh, very big yard with underground pool and hot tub self cleans. My house should smell like fruity pebbles or maple syrup or cherry car freshener, indoor pool and hot tub and sanna self cleans. Trampoline park inside and outside. Self mowing lawn self shoveling driveway and sidewalk luxury bedroom with bathroom and big vanity and big dressing room tanning room

1. DAY WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE A day with the person I fall in love with would be fun loving doing whatever we wish having the best day laughing just having fun with no worries

2. LOVE LETTER FROM OPPOSITE GENDER Hi you mean the world to me the way you walk in the room catches my attention when i’m with you everything in my mind leaves I never felt like I could express these feelings with you

Untitled by Chyann
My ideal world is me living in all and i stay by the water alone with two jeeps. I’ll have a tiny home just cuz it’s just me. And I’ll have a tiny home just cuz it’s just me, and i’ll have twwo baby pit bull dogs, with a pool in the back and it will always be hot and the sun will be out, i’ll have cook and i’ll make people disappear. I’ll have my man toosii and our son and the person will show up and surprise would be every time he came he tell me about his life.

Untitled by Auz
ADONIS: I went to the bank to make a withdraw so that we could leave the country to get away fro it all so that they would have a better life. They were around your age when you came here but as I was leaving my husband called me frantically as he was fighting off military enforcers. They were there for me but since I wasn’t there they tried taking him to lure me somewhere to kill me but he held them off till i got there and as soon as i did i heard his voice for the last time as a scream to tell the twins to run before the gun went off. . . I wanted to go in there to help but the kids were already outside so we hopped in the car and sped off. As soon as we got to the plane they caught up to us about twenty people were there just for me. I taught them everything they knew but they turned on me. I took care of most easily but there were three who stabbed me in my back and legs. As I fell they dragged my children off the plane and stabbed them through the lungs so that they could drown. With the pail i felt i threw broken glass in their eyes then tore one of their arms off and bent them till they were unrecognizable but definitely X__X I got to hold them one last time comforting them and telling them that every will be okay and that they’d be with him soon and he’ll be there to take care of them in a beautiful utopia with fields of lavender as far as the eye could see. . . they were at ease and right before they went into the light I let them know I loved them and my girl told me to take good care of Beuns hehe!! I gave them all a proper burial before going home getting Beuns then burning the house down.

ALEX: Oh my gods

ADONIS: I don’t want the same thing if anything at all to happen to you. You are part of my family now and I want to make sure that nothing happens to you and even if i’m not there you can handle yourself at least.

ADONIS: I knew they were still alive! Are you okay!

ALEXANDRA: (nods angry and confused)

ADONIS: Why are you out here. I told you I didn’t think they were gone. You are already hurt from the last thing.


ADONIS: That could have killed you regardless. If you hit a tree or a rock you would have


ADONIS: I know that you know but that doesnt change then you still would have died. That was the only time in years i . . . was scared. . . i thought i lost you. As hard i am with you is so i dont have to worry about losing you. I cant lose another child. . . . so I’ll tell you about when we get home. I want you to live as long as possible and that even if I’m gone you will be okay.

ALEX: But i. . . . . . Heroes your spear.

ADONIS: Thank you.

(at home the next morning while sitting on the balcony)

ADONIS: My whole family was killed and not all at either but definitely not pleasently. Some exploded in different ways. Others were tortured for years until they died and when that happened whoever did it shipped body parts and notes, executions, beatings, misfires, arson, even sickness. . . i couldn’t even keep my twins safe.

ALEX: How did they . . . die?

Untitled by Auz
1. Really yellow ha!

2. Looks like my pee.

If your urine looks the same as my socks then there may be a serious problem. I like these socks because they aren’t just my favorite color they are actually really comfy. Plus they were the last gift from my grandfather who hand made them with my name on them and a note saying “ I don’t have much more time left on this world but the time i do and have had I am so happy i got to see how you grew to be an amazing person and I know you’ll keep making me proud of who you become. I love you so much and I hope to see you again” “live long and happy” “Grandpa Q”.

Untitled by Tahira Evans
Random- Why are you wearing yellow socks its ugly

Yellow Socks- Why are you mad because I am wearing yellow socks doesn’t matter what color socks I got on stop being bored with your life always bullying and bringing people down won’t work this time. Now move along and go bother somebody else.

Random- Well your socks ugly

Yellow socks- you didn’t hear anything I said- I’m done giving you a reaction bye.

Untitled by Tahira Evans
I’m going to Hawaii my place will be big all of my boyfriends will be there I will have a dog named milo. I will have metallic floors, my counter tops will be marble. I will be by the ocean and the sand. All of my boyfriends will cook for me and be my bestfriends. The person who pops up is my first love with flowers and telling my boyfriends they have to go. Then my first love will stay with me and he will love my dog and be the person he is. He will teach me how to play his XBox. Then Zendaya will show up and me and her will get married the end.

My Dinosaurs by Avery
The flees burned white with a blaze of different emotions at that moment. It was as if a place of just vanished into the abyss never to be seen again. The memories that we had. The time we spent. Never again was I able to find nery a single one of them. My Dinosaurs.

Love Is at the Door by Gunxang Chanthavong
ME: My lover has the sweetest sound. My lover knows how to get round. My lover will show when no one’s round.

(giving a tour)

This is my paradise. I have everything I need and dream here. I don’t think it’s complete. (so are you saying i’m your dream?) If that was so, everything would disappear; the land surrounding us, the ground below us, and it would just be us two floating in the existence.

I’m not your dream, but part of it.

Is that why you came? Why’d you come to my dreamland if it’s not part of yours?

All I knew were dreams bigger than mine, thats why I find resort in your mind And you make me remember why I came, to find what I once felt again.

Yellow Socks by Gunxang Chanthavong
Watchu got on? Banana minion lookin ass socks. You look like your feet got 200 mg of potassium in it. Who even buys yellow socks? Better yet who came up with the idea to make yellow socks??

MY YELLOW SOCKS ARE MY HAPPY SOCKS. I dance with these on, it’s even got a smiley face.

Happy little yellow socks… but why the color yellow? It looks straining on my eyes.


What you don’t get is that red is better. Look at my socks, foot is all covered. The yellow makes your feet look bare if you weren’t aware. It doesn’t matter the color or weather. What does matter is the cover. My yellow socks will protect me and keep me happy even if your red is cooler. As long as I take care of these socks, I won’t need to worry getting mocked.

Untitled by Gunxang Chanthavong
I haven’t seen you in years but I still think about you.

The lost love I went through is like the graze of a dandelion fluff.

5 months you never knew all that time passed was blissful eternity.

I was the alarm clock for the wake up of my delusional dreams. I was the rubber cork plugging my heart from loving you more.

The love I once had diminished. Filled the air,but after I found out, it dissipated like cloudy smoke.

I thought you were everything. A lot of somethings to compliment my nothings. I thought you would give me all but I received nothing.

Building it up felt like a beautiful sand castles. Fancy one w/ lights like the love that lights my heart. But a wave crashed and the lights are off.

The way I move in my present feels like a ghost in our past. You’ll never see me in this light again.

But one day, the clouds will come and block your warm light.

South High School

Untitled by Abdiwasa Abdulahi
Monologue- 10 lines
Who: James- survivor of an Apocalypse
Where: United States of America- Georgia
When: 9:15 on May 7th 2020

“What do you fear the most”?….
What I feared the most as a kid was an apocalypse.
I remembered the exact time and date this apocalypse had occurred.
At 9:15 Am as I was making breakfast I heard a loud sound.
Before I could check my window, it had shattered.
I checked to see what was going on
Everything had gone to smithereens
I turned on my TV to see what was going on.
“3/4ths of the population had been wiped out.”
Luckley they said there was a bunker located close to me.
I had to get out asap and go to that bunker
I called my family to make sure that they’re safe and they know where to go.
Thankfully they were safe and they knew where the bunker was at.
I told them let’s meet at the bunker and to get there safely.
Sadly, that’s the last I heard of my family, they didn’t make it.
This is where I’m currently at, it’s been a year or so since that incident.

Untitled by Cece Hawkins & Wasa Abdulahi
Yesterday: (playing a video game) Remember when you stole my bike Tomorrow?

Tomorrow: (drawing) Yes, I remember, why are you asking?

Yesterday: Cuz I really miss my bike

Tomorrow: Okay but today is today why are you still worried about the rusty bike

Yesterday: That bike was a treasure of mine

Tomorrow: It’s not like you can’t get a new bike, Yesterday.

Yesterday: Well that was my favorite bike

Tomorrow: well to bad, i’m going into town tmr to get you a new rusty bike

Yesterday: Idc that bike was special to me, where did you lose it?

Tomorrow: i took it to the junk yard because of how rusty is was, you don’t need it anymore

Yesterday: When did you take it to the junkyard?

Tomorrow: I took it a week ago, we just might be able to get it back.

Yesterday: Ok, let’s go after lunch.

Tomorrow: How about we just go get you a new one?

Yesterday: No, that was my favorite bike,let’s go and get it back.

Tomorrow: okay well lets go get this rusty ass bike from the junkyard

Yesterday: Stop talking about my rusty ass bike like that.

Tomorrow: or what, what u gon do, NONE

Yesterday: Ight whatever let’s just get my bike back

Tomorrow: No let’s go tmr after i get my new vr headset

Yesterday : No, we should have gone yesterday.

Tomorrow:  well to bad we’re going tmr

Untitled by Kayden Jeilani
Hello my love,

It’s me, your mock beloved,

I read your letters and notes and could almost hear my heart falling to the ground in the tiny pieces you broke them into.

To take my battered heart and to say you wont crush it with all your might

why would you DO that only to go back on your word? Do you care so little about me?

—I could’ve lived my life forever not knowing you and I would have been happy

but now that I do know you I can’t get you out of my head and worse I can’t keep my heart(pause)

I can’t keep my heart from falling apart over and over again — I can’t keep my feelings in my chest long enough for me to not cry over the fact that I TRUSTED YOU I TRUSTED YOU AND TO TRUST YOU I DESREGARDED MY OWN HUMANITY WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME DO THAT JUST TO FALL BACK WHEN IT GOT TOO MUCH YOU HOW DARE YOU!

And you wanna know the worst part? What’s worse

Whats worse than my own ugly tears and my loving heart is that you didn’t steal my heart because for you to have stolen it you would have to be stab me in the back, but you didn’t. I gave it to you. I gave it to you I PULLED it out of my chest and nearly passed out from the pain, but you made it all worth it when you gave me just a tiny artificial piece of your heart, so thank you for not leaving my hands empty.

My body was weak, my mind rushing with adrenaline and i was left in a pool of my own blood, but thank you, for giving me just a tiny peice….thank you for leaving me dead for only a few seconds.

Now, you might have picked on the fact that the last part was sarcastic, but I don’t think you have a right to ask how I address you after you pushed my heart back into my battered chest with such force that I puked my guts out onto the already blooded pavement.

I could have said I wanted you dead, I could have said that, but I didn’t. so with all the disrespect I can muster, shut the hell up because to trust you, I had to hate me over, and over again.

To trust you was a mistake, and it’s not one I’ll commit ever again

With all the love in the world,

Your dearest friend,


Untitled by Miguel Pintor Ortiz
Bully Scene:
Character being bullied: Patrick
Bully: Kevin
Where: In a neighborhood in Minneapolis, at a park
When: an afternoon in the summer

Kevin: Why are you so ugly?

Patrick: (stays quiet)

Kevin: Can you talk?

Patrick: No

Kevin: (punches him)

Patrick: (Patrick gets up, takes off his yellow socks and slaps him in the face with the socks)

Kevin: (Cries like a baby)

Patrick: leave me alone kevin

Kevin: never u still look ugly hahahah

Patrick: ohhhhhhh i see but tell me why are u sooooo fat?

Kevin: Why are you wearing yellow socks?

Patrick: I don’t care what you said. I love being myself and I always and forever feel happy and proud of myself. 😀

kevin (have a sad face) 🙁

Patrick: well i’m going home with my girlfriend and chill at my house hahahahahah

Kevin: Hey Patrick, I’m sorry for bullying you, it’s just feeling depressed about life. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you and I bully you because I can express my anger. It’s just I’m angry because of my past for being homeless and getting bullied for no reason. I was just an innocent boy. That’s why I feel depressed and angry about myself.

Patrick: It’s ok i forgive you I understand u because I been there and wherever a bad things come in your life it won’t last forever and patrick u want to be best friends and hang out in my house

Kevin: oh my gosh thank u sooo much for understanding 😀.

(The end)

Untitled by Abdirahim Abdulkadir
1. IMAGINARY PLACE PROMPT: Imagine that you are inventing an imaginary place where you would want to live. What are the rules that cannot be broken in your magical land? List the rules, first. 2 Imagine the rules are posted around this magical land, so everyone knows them. Write a scene, in which a visitor comes to the magical land and either on purpose, or without knowing, breaks the rules. Who enforces the rules? What happens when one or more rules are broken? Write the scene that shows this.

1-you don’t bring your phone
2-you don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you.
3-fake it till you make it.
4-don’t complain

Adam: (has phone out)
Guard: Hey! Hey you, don’t you see the sign! No phones allowed!
Adam: What do you mean no phones allowed, everyone has a phone.
Guard: Well not here, we don’t allow phones here. Only guards and the owner has a phone and you will be here brief moment so be patient.

Adam: okay but if somebody calls or its important, tell me
Guard: okay understood and the owner is coming to you and you will have dinner with abim mr owner.
Adam: dinner wow I though brief moment.
Guard: abim(owner) likes to his guest to have a good time and good experience.
Adam: Okay, agreeable, I don’t have anything that I planned today.
(Abim walks in)
Abim: hi mr (adam)welcome to my house and I think the guard told you the list of rules you to follow.
Adam: laughing ‘’when did you become extreme.
Abim: I just like to have boundaries in my house but thanks for following the rules adam.
Adam: Let’s start to talk about the business, I have idea and I want you to invest.
Abim: wow already mr no time to waste and let’s have tea and talk.
Adam: So what are we waiting for, we don’t have all the time in the world.
(After the tea Abim said okay)
Abim: Okay, so what is your idea and what is the price of investing and what percentage do I own your company?
Adam: A lot question for guy who havan’t heard the idea but the idea is the future, you know I used to work for weapon company so the idea is making the gov army of robot and you know the weapon companies make a lot money and this idea is very safe and to our get a lot investing, we even let us representative make a lot investing so everybody would get their cake and eat too. So what do you think?
Abim: the price for investing and the percentage of the company.
Adam: four billion for 10/percentage.
Abim: I will invest and I trust you with your idea and this won’t hurt my overall money but 5 billion for 15/percentage.
Adam: four billion and 400 million for 12 percent.
Abim: deal
Adam: Okay thank you.
Abim: Do you want to celebrate?
Adam: (laughing) nah I am leaving since you have many extreme rules
Abim: (laughs) fair my friend.

Love and Life Poem by Ace St. John
Love and life are both so fickle. They can be as light as a feather. They could even tickle.

Whether your love be platonic or romantic. Whether for person or pet. It’s not just a humanic antic. We see it everywhere and in every animalian set.

Life can be hard, can hold obstacles of many a hue. But as long as you persevere, as long as you hold on. I promise that you’ll push through.

Some days, you adore and cherish them both. But some days, you wake up. Feeling nothing but loathe.

Yet, we push through it and we keep going. Our brains keep thinking, and our blood keeps flowing.

We experience life and love, both the good and the bad. Whether happy, upset, or sad.

So fickle and curious. Why we have them, I wonder. They can be as quick as thunder. Or as slow as a blunder.

No matter how much we want and how much we cry. We circle back, to give them another try.

You might always experience and always have them. Or maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a chasm.

When stuck in that slump. On that road with an immovable hump.

You’ll be wanting an escape. To no longer feel hate. You go out at night, you’re staying out late.

But at your brightest moment. On your darkest day. At the end of it all. Your life finds a way.

You’ll still have love. You’ll still have life.

Love for others, love from others. No matter what way. It’s apart of you forever. And a part of your day.

Happy, sad. Courageous or mad. You’ll still live your life. And that makes me glad.

So keep on pushing. And I promise you. Sooner or later, you’ll be glad you did too.

At the end of your life. On the day you die.
You’ll be surrounded by love. Who want to say goodbye.

But don’t you cry. You’ll see them again.
See all your family. And every last friend.

And even if you have no one. On your death bed alone. You’ll have your own love. Which is an okay thing to tone.

To my love, to my friend. I hope you have a happy end.

Untitled by Aria Randall
Monologue, Poem, or Scene? (15-20 lines can be more)
Who: Rob Bob-Bobby Robertson-Roberts
What: A love letter
When: Evening
Where: At Rob’s house, in the study/library
Rob: (Pacing around and reading out loud in a dramatic manor while writing letter)

My love,

Ever since I first set my eyes upon you, in all your captivating mystery, I knew that you would make my life ten times more difficult.
And that is saying a lot, considering that I am candidly the definition of trouble.
But I suppose that at this point, it is clear enough to admit.
Desire is a painful thing, especially to those who absolutely cannot have what they wish to call their own.
That would be me.
I knew that you and I would be forbidden, but not only from the public.
We live in two separate worlds, figuratively and literally.
I remember the day we first met. We were on a picnic on the French Riviera. The sun was
shining, and the basket was full. You were absolutely radiant.
For the first time, I felt whole inside.
Every time we meet, I attempt to stop myself from desiring you, but it does no good. Instead, I am attracted to you further.
Obviously I would be cast out of society if I tried, and you would be in grave danger. I cannot be trusted with anything.
Honestly, I cannot fathom what all barriers stand in between us, but I can almost envision them.
In fact, the longevity of the entire world might be in peril.
But in the past, that’s a chance that I’ve been willing to take.
I love you, junk food, and I hope that you feel the same.

Forever yours, Rob Bob-Bobby

Rob: (Pauses for a moment then scarfs down a piece of pizza/other junk food)

Untitled by Brenna Blake
As numbing as winter air
A foggy haze every which way
A breath caught in your throat

An unexpected goodbye
A touch long forgotten
A picture forever faded

A letter in the mail
A phone call from a friend
A note on your door

A sad smile at old friends
A quick glance at an ex
An old photograph of a pet

Your laugh in an old video
A song you used to love playing on the radio
The sound of the birds song in the morning


Untitled by Ina Gomes Kubes
I wonder if she wondered why the world had gone so silent,
Already wishing I had done what I hadn’t,
Hoping I could but I couldn’t,
Waiting for a breath but there wasn’t,
Why had my world become so silent,
Holding onto any memory I could,
I sat silent there I was,
letting go I had,
My world was now silent.

St Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists

Untitled by Aspen Fuller
Trigger Warnings:
Past death
Past drowning
Loss of parents
Death of a Mother
Panic attacks

Morgan- 20-50s, on a trip with Lilliana, does not believe in ghosts, very stubborn and quick to anger
Ghost- a young child, a ghost, died in a storm, haunts a life boat and can’t leave it, very concerned about manors, could be from any time period at least a few decades before Morgan
Lilliana- 20s-50s, someone very important to Morgan, never seen or heard but present on stage, superstitious and believes in ghosts, also stubborn and quick to anger, Morgan talks to and hears Lillian but her voice is never heard by the audience

On a boat, a storm all around rocking the boat putting it in danger of sinking people getting into lifeboats trying to survive the storm, all of them are almost full except the farthest one which is empty
Morgan runs on against the wind carrying their stuff
Throughout a storm is happening and the characters have to deal with rain and winds around them

Yelling through a storm at an invisible person offstage
There’s not enough room, come on Lillian there’s still an empty lifeboat!

Hears ‘Lillian’ say something Lillian is invisible to the audience
What? I can’t hear you,

Lillian speaks “What?”
I said we won’t both fit! Get over here we have to hurry!

Morgan throws their stuff into the boat
Lillian here! There’s an empty boat, come on!

Lillian is now on stage,
Lillian says something a question about the boat
Morgan gets into the boat
Yes this one, now hurry!

Lillian says something about how the boat is haunted refusing to get in
Not this again, I’ve told you the ghost isn’t real! Come on the boats going down you need to get in!

Lillian continues to argue
That’s just a stupid story-

-Lillian cuts Morgan off-
-I’ve told you ghosts aren’t real-

-Lillian please-


-I’ve told you-

-We need to hurry, I promise you’ll be fine!

Lillian continues to argue and starts to walk away-
-I swear, how stupid can you be? Ghosts aren’t real! Can’t you just stop being selfish for once in your life and get in the goddamn boat!

Lillian walks away towards the other boat
Morgan gets out of the boat chasing after Lillian
Lilli wait I’m sorry just get in please!

Lillian gets in the other boat
There’s not enough room Lilli, I told you we won’t both fit

Lillian speaks telling Morgan to go by themself bitterly
-But I I Lilli I-

Lillian speaks “What”
Morgan thinks deciding against it
-nothing it’s nothing

Morgan gets back into the boat staring at Lillian, Lillian’s boat moves away into the storm away from Moran
Morgan yells after it

Quieter to themself
I love you

Morgan cuts the rope setting the boat to sea grabbing an oar
The ghost who has been hiding in the boat pops out

Who’s Lillian?
Morgan screams
The ghost covers their ears

Hmph hasn’t anyone told you it’s rude to scream in people’s ears, that hurt

Breathing heavily
You- you went through the wood

Well yeah any ghost can do that, but who’s Lillian? It’s rude to ignore questions.

Laughing nervously
Ha ha ghost’s aren’t real that’s just something the sailors say to scare people

Of course I’m real you bully, give me that paddle I don’t like this spot there’s to many waves
The ghost grabs the paddle from morgan and starts paddling the boat

Excuse me I can’t do this all by self, you need to paddle to

Grabs the other paddle and starts paddling
I can’t believe I’m taking orders from a child a GHOST child, Lillian was right

It’s rude to comment on peoples ages, scoffs it’s like you’ve never had a mother

Just be quiet please, let’s focus on making it out alive, not that that affects you.

They continue paddling through the storm
The ghost scoots over to have more room
Morgan shoves the ghost, this repeats back and forth

Can you just move over it’s not like you actually need the room

Excuse me I’d rather not get wet, some of us were taught manners growing up

You can’t get wet! You’re dead!

Like you’re the expert you didn’t even think I was real earlier, paddle faster I don’t like this storm

If your so worried about speed why don’t you get out and push the boat with your weird ghost powers,

The ghosts tone gains a more serious sharper edge
No, no water.

What? Scared of a little water? It’s not like you can drown, you’re already dead.
Morgan jokingly splashes the ghost with some water
Throughout this the ghost has become more visibly distressed with more audible breathing
Possibly in the Ghosts head Morgan repeating phrases like ‘it’s just a little water’ ‘a little water won’t kill you’ ‘you can’t drown your already dead’ ‘scared of a little water’ ‘water water water’

No water!
For the first time the ghost yells
Any voices stop
Morgan notices the ghosts distress quickly changing tones

Hey kid, are you okay?

No water

No water
Morgan comforts the Ghost
They continue to paddle through the storm the ghost grows tired trying to push it off but soon falling asleep on Morgans shoulder
Ghost wakes up

Who’s Lillian
Morgan thinks for a moment before responding

She’s someone very important to me, we were on a trip together

Important, like family?

Yeah, like family

What happened with her?

I said some things I regret the last time I saw her, and I don’t know when or if I’ll see her again

Well you will because we’re going to make it out of the storm
They continue rowing

Can I ask how you died?

I guess, it was a storm I fell out of the boat my mom tried to save me my dad couldn’t pull us back in so she just held me in the waves

Morgan doesn’t know what to say
I’m sorry kid
Beat they sit in silence together

She was with me for a while, in the boat, before she moved on. She didn’t want to leave me.

Do you know when you’ll move on?

Could start to cry while talking
I can’t, not without her, I just want to be a normal kid and be taken care of and get to grow up and play with other kids. I want someone to tuck me into bed even if the blanket goes through me. I just want a family again, but I can’t. I can’t even leave this crummy boat or the stupid ocean with its stupid waves and stupid storms.

I’ve got you kid

Morgan comforts the ghost, hugging, holding hand, etc…
They continue to paddle
The storm settles down and the rain begins to stop
They see land

Look! Look! It’s land we’re safe the storm’s gone!

They paddle quickly their boat making it to shore
Morgan jumps off the boat and runs onto land, the ghost tries to follow but can’t
Morgan turns around notices and runs back

Wait I’ve got you kid
They rifle through their bag finding a knife
They cut a board out of the boat and take it out of the boat
The ghost now can follow Morgan
Morgan hands the ghost the board and the ghost is free to play for the first time in ages
The ghost runs back to Morgan and hugs them

Come on let’s go find Lilliana
The ghost takes Morgan’s hand and they walk off starting the journey of building their own family

Untitled by Aspen Fuller and Hadley Watson
Albert Howl- monster hunter. Wants to be an author. Dragged into monster hunting by dad, stayed for book ideas and his fathers guilt about susan. Raisin bran is fav food. Very Minnesotan. He fishes.
Bob- identity monster. Ex wife named Susan who is a werewolf.
Susan Howl- Albert’s twin sis and Bob’s ex wife. Werewolf. Lesbian. Only in pt 2.
Albert’s dad- Albert’s dad. Mean. monster hunter. Wants his son to be like him. Hates artists.
Johnny- friend 1 (same actor as A Dad or Susan)
Jedediah- friend 2 (same actor as A Dad or Susan)

A and B walking through the grocery store. They bump into each other.

Woah there buddy-

Uhhhhhh Ope, sorry there friend.

Albert helps Bob pick up his groceries there exactly the same as his

No no, my mistake there. I see we both like raisin bran. Name’s Albert.

Bob tries to style his hair like Alberts (putting it up, taking it down, etc)

Oh, yeah, it’s my favorite. Nice to meet ya.

You might really like this book in writing, it’s all about Raisin bran.

Oh ya, I’m writing a book about Raisin Bran too!

Albert starts to get suspicious.

Well what a coincidence….friend…. Ya know i’ve been writin’ my little stories’ since I was nine.

Flashback sequence (people spinning and goofy noises)
Young Albert sitting at a table eating a bowl of Raisin Bran writing a story

A Dad
What are you doing down there, kid?

Young Albert
Just writing, father! I had this idea last night. There’s this prince who’s trapped in a tower in the forest but he falls in love with the fairy who’s guarding it and they get married in sparkly dresses with lots of lights and he gets reunited with his dad the king and everyone lives happily ever after in a pretty castle.

A Dad
That sounds like trash, kid. No one will read it. Come on, we’re going monster hunting.

Young Albert
But father, I wanna be a writer

A Dad
You will not disgrace this long line of monster hunters. I won’t let you.

Albert’s father grabs Albert’s papers and rips them up in front of him.
Flashback ends (more spinning and noises.)
Back in the grocery store.

Wowee, that sounds a lot like my childhood!

That’s real interesting, Pal…

Welp, i’ve got to get going, i’ve got some alone time to catch up on.

They wave goodbye and leave separately.
Scene changes to a dock with Bob arriving before Albert and starting to fish. Albert enters, also intending to fish. He is puzzled.

Fancy seeing you here, buddy. At MY dock… At the back of MY house, F R I E N D

Oh ya well it’s a great spot don’t ya know. I’ve been using it since I was a wee kid

Albert glares at him with a passive aggressive smile.

Well ain’t that a coincidence there friend, my father took me here all the time when I was a kiddo.

The scene changes in another flashback, to the same dock, teenage Albert and his dad sit together looking disheveled and exhausted

A Dad
Your first kill son I’m so proud of you

Young Albert looks horrified staring at his hands and mumbling incoherently
A wolf howl is heard off stage, Alberts dad tenses up

A Dad

Young Albert
Father, who is Susan? Was that my mother?

A Dad
No, son… I suppose it’s time we have this talk…

They sit on the dock together, Young Albert listening intently as his father finally tells him about his mother.

A Dad
You see son… you’re maa, Carol, was… well she was half werewolf. Back then I didn’t wanna be a monster hunter. I was young and naive. You see we were happy for a while, and we were real happy when we found out she was pregnant. Son Susan was your twin sister. She became out just after you, and while you were born human she was.. Monsterish. A hairy mess of a creature, more wolf than human. She killed your maa. I locked her up, but… she escaped.

Young Albert
Are we in danger?!

A Dad
Not if we never speak of her again. Never trust a monster, son. They’re beasts who’ll kill everyone you love and tear your life to pieces.

Albert nods, understanding his supposed destiny

Young Albert
Yes father…

Flashback ends, back to Bob and Albert on the dock.

Susan, huh? I knew a gal named Susan once…well I’ve got to be going, im hangin’ out with some pals. Nice seeing’ ya again.

Yeah… I’m going’ with some pals too….

They both exit separately and the scene changes
A dinner table with Johnny and Jedediah, Bob is also there talking to them as if he’s known them for years sitting in Alberts chair. Albert walks in surprised. They’re wearing the same flannel.

You again?! Johnny, Jedediah, who is this?!

Oh hey, Albert!

Albert, meet Albert! Him and you have a lot in common!

Yeah! Like, everything! It’s super funny. I’m pretty sure you guys are neighbors I met him by your apartment yesterday

Albert points at Bob, accusingly

Alright thats it, you, outside, right now.

Jedediah and Johnny leave and bring any props with them. Albert and Bob walk around the stage till they’re gone.
Albert stands menacingly against Bob. he angy.

I know what you are. FRIEND

What- what do you mean?? Friend…

I know you’re a monster, and I know you’re stealing my identity. My life. My everything.

I’m sorry buddy, I have no clue what you’re talking about.

Tell me ONE unique thing about yourself. You have to the count of three. One… Two…

Alright! Alright, fine, I admit it.

Bob takes off Albert’s flannel/changes his hair back to his own etc. He now speaks and acts like himself, not like Albert.

Now, tell me why you did this. I deserve to know.

Well you see, my wife Susan left me and I don’t know who I am anymore. So I thought if I just become someone else, it might be easier. But obviously that didn’t work out…I’m really sorry…

Wow, you must have really loved her if you did something that stupid…

Actually, I like men now and she likes women, it’s just… it didn’t end great and I miss my bestie.

Hey, there ya go. Something unique about you and YOUR life.

Wow… you’re right… Well I guess I should go…

Albert thinks for a moment and Bob starts to walk off sadly.

Golly gee, wait up a sec bud.

Bob turns around hopefully and smiles.

Bob… My name is Bob…

Bob… wanna go try free ice cream samples?

Yeah… I would like that.

They walk off together happily. Yay.



Set a year later. Albert and a very different looking Bob are sat on a bench in a park. They are now in a relationship.

It’s real nice outside, huh hon

Sure is, babe.

Susan walks in, spotting Bob and stopping in her tracks. Bob and Albert freeze.

Is that….



Bob and Albert stand and meet Susan in the middle.

Susan it’s good to see you…

You too, Bob. You look happy.

Albert stares at Susan, not knowing what to do. He sees the resemblance despite her being more wolf than human.


Hello… Bob, who is this?

This is my boyfriend, Albert…

Albert Howl…

Howl..? But that’s… MY last name… Oh my god, Albert?! As in Gregory Howl’s son??? My father’s son??? MY TWIN BROTHER???

Susan and Albert rush forward into a hug without stabbing 🙁


Untitled by Amelia Lane-Outlaw
Your rose pink hair, waving in the wind, softer than snow falling into my arms
I cannot smell, as I cannot breathe, your breathtaking beauty shaves me into pieces down on the ground, waiting to be picked up

My love for you is greater than earth, greater than space, greater than the far far beyond universe
There are no words to describe the feeling of your touch, your arms wrapped around me. As your eyes lock with mine, the feeling of time passing disappears, as I’m there in the moment, still, nothing but love there
You give me safety, you give me grace, you give me something I crave, the thing I am deprived of, all the things I’ve lost
You give me the most precious gifts of all, you give me peace, you give me love, you give me joy, you give me all the time in the world, you replenish everything I am missing
When I’m with you I almost believe heaven exists, because nirvana, is when I’m in your arms.

Untitled by Audrey Korba
my loves,
my loves. you make my life full and beautiful. there’s many of us but it creates a beautiful photo. there is no one person alive who I love more than you all. There are many of you but my life is full with you. I don’t think I can imagine my life without you or before any of you. The photos we create, the memories we share, the times we’ve spent are amazing. I’ve the time of my life with you. There is no one else I’d rather spend my time with than with you. Our laughter, our tears and our fights were many, but they all make up for how much we love each other. My entire life I’ve never wondered what it would be like to not have so many of you in my life. I’ve never given up on loving any of you. We’ve laughed and cried. We’ve fought and we’ve made up but never ever has there been a moment in my life where i wished you weren’t there. My siblings, my annoying, mean brothers and sisters. You fill me with joy and happiness. Our fights are worth it too keep loving you. Our laughter make me want to keep you in my life. The many different ways we show our love are the ways we show we care. When I think of our fallen sister I hear the birds sing. I see her in the sunsets, and I see her in you. I love you.
love, sissy.

A letter to my baby blanket by Cassidy Aickin
Whips of lost innocence lay in your cloth appendages. Every inhale brings the memories of a time before consciousness pledged my brain, a breath of prehistoric fresh air, air from before the time of a first breath, before a first action, from before being alive meant being complacent. Like an addict I come back for more, I try to fill the void of wrong and age that continues to eat me up like a black hole with your memory of child eyes. A memory of eyes that can only see light.

Thanking the suns for its harbors by Cassidy Aickin
On cloudy days the sun rests
every other day it cocks the gun that will kill it
burning itself to oblivion
a match lit by striking itself
and from its constant death, we rise
a bloody phoenix
but are we to be blamed for being born?
are we to be blamed for staying alive?
are we the hand holding the match?
is it ignorant to say when a star rests?
because the sun is always there
even when we close our eyes
even when we choose not to see

My Dear You by Charlie Peterson
The heart you hold in your hand, pumping, beating; hold it gently, for in your hand is my survival.
Don’t squeeze too hard, till my arteries snap and my blood loses its vibrance. Instead, hold it firmly and with care not to drop it, nor let it slip from your hands.
Here, right here, is where we are one, one love, one trust, one existence. You hold me and I shall hold you with the same touch, the same grace and generosity.
Hold me and I shall hold you.

Shoe and Feet by Charlie Peterson
Ya know, I was happy to see you today.
-stop, shoe. It’s bad enough that I have to sit inside your smelly ass all day, don’t make it any harder for me.
– It’s not my fault that I stink. That’s between you and sock.
– You know what, I’m tired of you bringing sock into this. He did nothing wrong. He’s just a friend!
-HA HA exactly what I thought. You will jump at any chance to defend him! How am I supposed to carry both of you around if I can’t TALK TO YOU! WE HAVE TO COMMUNICATE, foot. This is unhealthy for all of us.
-Maybe if you and I had more alone time together we could talk it out and get moving.
-who wears shoes without socks?
-ME! I would only if it was you.

Untitled by Irene Winehagen
The rumble of the stomach tis that of joy the sound of thou spill toward my ear erupting a feeling of glee.
You may play you may play
I will love to feel it. It will remain within even once forgotten. The tightness as my face begins to match the body tis joy tis all feeling. Uncomfortable you know is once spewed out from my inside. It takes guts, you! Let it erupt or not tis all about you. It may change my scope of day or life. It feels new, but remember I cherish. Thou may cherish too that is ones one not mine. It may hold past of anything or give something.

Untitled by Irene Winehagen
1. Why do you have to be so negative all the time?
2. It’s called being real.
1. Well it’s rude.
2. You’re rude.
1. What!? You’re rude.
2. Okay enough, let’s just relax.
1. I will not relax! What’s your point?
2. Well anything can happen
1. Woah look at that bird maybe they could pick us up
1. Well I guess that bird has bad hearing.
2. Oh well
1. At least it’s a lovely day
2. with no wind
1. O god, can’t you appreciate anything?
2. No
1. That’s not very helpful.

Grasses Talking by Irene Winehagen
1. Waiting ugh
2. For what?
1. idk I’m bored
2. Okay, well we all are, that’s just life, buddy
1. Just doing nothing?
2. Well …hmm …idk
1. Then let’s go
2. How the heck would we go?
1. Um if there was just some wind
2. That would have to be pretty strong wind

Untitled by Jas Wade
Dearest Performance,
How I love you. You make me feel alive. When I am with you, I can truly be myself in a way I can’t possibly describe. You mean everything to me. You bring out a part of me that I can show to no one else. You make me feel safe. When I am with you I am complete.

When I am with you I am whole.
I love you.

Untitled by Jas Wade
EXIT: hey, Clock, what time is it?
Clock: 1:45. Why must you ask me every minute?
EXIT: So I know the time of course. I can’t count.
Clock: Learn how. This needs to stop.
EXIT: But I want to talk to you.
Clock: Constantly asking the time isn’t how you go about it, you know.
EXIT: What else is there to talk about?
Clock: I broke down again. My timing is off.
EXIT: You’ll get it next time.
Clock: No I won’t. I never do. We both know it.
EXIT: I don’t. You can do it. You’re going to get the time right eventually. I know
you will.
Clock: Thanks.

Homesick by Lane O’Connor
I have never gotten seasick in the way the dictionary says.
I have never felt the rocking of you and been dizzy from it.
I have never swallowed too much of your salt,
I have never swam too far so I’d drown.
I have only ever felt like I was engulfed in you,
flowing with your waves.
I have swallowed your salt, and I have swam far out,
But it never hurt.
It had never hurt like it hurts to be away from you.
I’m seasick,
But in the way that when tears fall down my face and roll into my mouth, I can only taste your saltiness.
I dream that I’m near you, and everything is right.
I’m flowing free in your water.
But I’m not with you. I’d give anything to feel a wave roll over me,
But all I feel is the waves within, pulling me back as the tide recedes.
And then I’m always pushed back with the same force I’m pulled by.
I am not seasick in the way that people are because they have too much of you.
I am seasick because I have too little of you.
Humans drown in the ocean. Fish dry up on land.
Ocean, I think I could never drown in you, because I am already beached like a dying whale, drying out in the sun.

Untitled by Mercutio Luedtke
(first one is prose second is a dialogue)
(and it is about performing shakespeare)

my love for you may be one-sided, but it’s too strong to think about it that way.

i feel as if i’ve known you my whole life, even though we met less than two years ago. you’ve taken over my life and now all i can think of is you.

when it comes to my other special interests they still tie in with you, no matter where they lead

every path leads to you, and i feel like myself and a whole new person at the same time whenever i’m around you- i unlock a whole new me.

you may be challenging and exhausting sometimes, definitely, but the pain is worth it for the result.

to see what i see, feel what i feel, interact the way i do when i’m around you.

the change you’ve brought in me is irreversible, and when it’s all over in a few years, i’ll be a different person.

i’ll never forget you.

“it hasn’t even been two years. how do you know it’s true?”

“it is. i know it is.”

“what if you’re just trying to convince yourself? i’m an expense for you, i cost a lot of money to keep. what if you’re just trying to justify the thousands you’ve spent?”

“if money was the issue i would have stopped after the first show. i have no issue with your existence. i chose you for a reason.”

“i know you have issues with me. i’ve heard you complain at school. i cause you to have twelve hour days. that’s too much.”

“it’s worth it.”

“and what about king lear? i controlled your life for two weeks, you couldn’t focus on school because i commanded your presence for hours after your battery ran out.”

“maybe you did, maybe you’ve caused hurt, exhaustion, but it was my decision. if i didn’t think the days waking up before the sun and getting home hours after it set weren’t worth it i would have left you before. but i haven’t, have i? maybe this life isn’t perfect, this pairing isn’t a perfect fit, but it’s what we are”

“you’re too obsessed.”


“you want to do both shows this summer! you literally will not see the light of day for hours at a time, why do you want to make yourself suffer like this?”

“it’s my dream to be in those shows.”

“so you love the text, not me.”

“that’s how it was at first. i fell in love with the action, then the text, then the rest. i may have been different before but i promise i love all of you now. i love every part of you. i can’t imagine life without you.”

“and what about when it’s all over? you know this won’t last forever, you’ll have to leave by the time you’re 19, just like the rest of them.”

“i will, but i’ll keep in touch. you’ve changed me forever, i’ll never be the same person again.

“i’ll never forget you.

“what if i forget you? i knew many before you, i’ll know many after.”

“that’s okay. you’re in a different position than me. as long as i remember you and what you did for me, that’s all i’ll ever want. i’ll never forget you, you’ll have a vague recollection of me. that’s what we are. that’s all we’ll ever be. that’s why i chose this.

Love Creeps by Mars Niemi
Passion slays and keeps me rising
when it clicks, the sparkle in their ins lights up loud and proud
like a shining star in the night sky shortly after dawn.
The gentle glow of anticipation, as if I’m waiting on a surprise.
Soaring through the breeze searching, for one’s lost love
hidden in the shadows after the storm
gently resting while the moon wipes my tears away.

Crochet: Hook Yarn by Mars Niemi
h = Will you ever look at me as someone and not just something that makes things out
of your nothingness?
y = I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to escape your grip, I’ve fallen too far under your spell,
no matter how knotted I get, you manage to weave through me with
your sharp needle as if nothing has gone wrong. You can do no wrong.
h = oh, please, all I ask is for your marriage. Please. I’ll make you
into anything you’d like, if you’ll only marry me.
y = You’ve attached yourself to me. I’m held on by chains. I try to hide myself
hoping you’ll forget me, but you become aggressive in your ways
and wishes. Someday I hope to be set free.
h = If only you would love me as I love you we could change the world
create an everlasting bond with our undying love. Gratitude. Please, I beg of you,
learn to love me as I love you.
y = How can I love my captor? You’ve stolen not only my heart and freedom,
but my sanity too. My only wish is to escape from this
wretched place. I’m holding on because if I let go I will only fall from
this cliff and be trampled by the wolves.
h = I’ve only done everything I’ve done out of love. You shall not leave as I
can’t continue on without you.
y = I … I guess I’ll marry you. …

Untitled by Paige Olson
My dearest lights…
I shine brightest
When I stand in the lights
All eyes on me
And ready to see
Oh dear stage
Deep sorrows follow me
On the fact that you are nothing
Without your lights
With my light I can shine
And show who I am
Without you
I cannot be myself
I need this to live
I crave it more than any drug
This euphoria you give me
Of standing in the lights
With these eyes on me
I know for sure
That I’m doing the right thing
By standing
By acting
By coming here
Despite the worries
By existing
By breathing
By performing
And I would be nothing
Without my lights
I owe it all to you,

Part 2
M “Stage of mine, hear my sorrows.”

S “Very well, proceed.”

M “I shine my brightest when I m standing in my light.”

S “Is that so?”

M “Yes, it is. I show the whole world why I’m here, to perform, to breathe, to live, and so on. But the honest truth, dear Stage, is that you are useless without your lights that make me shine.”

S “I take offense, but I will hear you out.”

M “For I need this to live! I crave this more than any drug, this euphoria is otherworldly.”

S “I leave you on this, and Light follows me into this room.”

M “Light, come here, for I must show my gratitude to you. When I stand among you, I know for sure that I am doing the right thing. Standing, acting, coming here despite the worries. Existing, breathing, performing. And I would be nothing, without you, my Lights.”

L “My dear! Your gratitude will make me blush. Come, let’s work together to make the world shine.”

Untitled by Ray
Mom, proper words cannot be written to describe my uncapped love
for everything you do for me and for your family. I cannot begin to
describe my forever gratitude for your sacrifice that you have made,
all carefully thought out and planned, all with little thought to yourself,
and your mind geared toward your family. I could never forget the time
that’s quietly spent together.

Untitled by Violet
music coming out the house at a volume barely low enough to talk about everything and anything
purse: ow. this wallet is poking right into my back
wallet: you dont have to talk about me as if im not here, yknow
jacket: can you two shut up. at least you dont have to deal with pitstains all the time!
purse: oh yeah like im kept so nice and

Untitled by Violet
I love going to local punk shows

I love meeting people, seeing where they
come from and where they want to go

I love that there’s other trans people,
especially trans women that go there and
who I can connect with

I love the expression of everybody the
total lack of shame and fear and especially
that we know we’re friends there
even if we’ve never met.

I love getting into actual fucking fist fights
in the pit and getting knocked over and feeling
an arm pulling me to my feet before i
knew what happened

I love sharing cigarettes outside, where it’s
less hot and sweaty than it is in the
basement and listening to the still very

Untitled by Willa Breen
The ocean. A soft spoken skin pinching rhythmic flow of waters. These rhythmic waters lightly touch me while still covering me as a whole. Sand between the toes my mother once carried in her womb. Amniotic fluid carried my weight like the rhythms of the water, picking me up and putting me down, like the way the cradle rocks me back and forth. The salt in the water pinches at my skin making it vulnerable to the sun and sky. This feeling is the long-awaited comfort I have yet to receive in the lifetime. Rhythmic waters wash over my heart and brain, leaving it clean like the one before me.

Untitled by Winter Chelimsky
Who is this to?
My boyfriend

Eyes brown
Like the bark on my favorite tree
Eyes brown
Wishing they’d look at me
Fluffy hair
Painted like the clouds
Fluffy hair
Easy to spot in a crowd
Towering over me
Like structures of home
Towering over me
Wishing you’d take me home
Touching my hands
Trauma washing
Touching my hands
You make me feel safe
Lips on lips
First time in years
Lips on lips
I love when you’re new
You in my arms
Falling asleep
You in my arms
Safe with me
“I love you”
First said a year ago
“I love you”
How much, you’ll never know
Words can’t express
How much I love you
Words can’t express
How I’ll always feel for you.
To: Quinn D

Untitled by Cecelia Fawcett
my beloved little lua
i remember when we first met
you sly and small, curled up
in your claustrophobic cage, confused
why I had entered. with your tiny black
nose, clipped left ear and beaming
eyes, we found comfort in each
other within minutes. words will never describe
how I feel about you
and your elegance. it’s like we knew
each other in a past life, before
you became a feline. when we make eye
contact for minutes straight, it’s so
un-catlike, that I think you’re trying
to tell me something; like your soul is
showing itself outside of a cat form a
human like connection. you have
the most powerful eyes i’ve ever
met. love you always, lua moon.
forever my baby.

Untitled by August Kunert
The saccharine scent of fresh printed ink on your pages, embraces me in familiarity. As I venture further into your story, your spine creases, showing my hours spent in another world. I feel my breath hitch, noticing the dwindling pages as I thumb through them. I will miss you dearly, but I know it is time to let go.
Your words may have been meant for someone else, but it felt like they were made for me.

Until we meet again,

Untitled by Josie Basurto
I love you, I love you because you were there every time to take me out of reality. Some say they love you because of the messages you portray, or what you highlight what’s happening in ourselves or the worlds. But I love you because you were the only one that gave me any sense of direction in the future I love you because you brought me a world where anything and everything can exist. I love you because you also love and care for me back. I love you and if you were a person I’d give the strongest heart felt hug because I don’t any sort of verbal communication could show how much I love you. I love you more than love itself.

Untitled by Josie Basurto
Eyeliner: Josie needs me, yk she wouldn’t be as unapproachable if weren’t for me I give her the siren eye look-

Lashes: ACTUALLY I do most of the job making her more pretty, I make her eyes bigger and dreamier

Eyeliner: okay and? At least I can be around for months you get used through in two weeks be so fr rn



Untitled by Ariana Lind
A: “I Know you want to be me, but you can’t. You’ll never be happy if you’re pretending to be someone else.”

B: “I’m not pretending, you want to be me. You copy everything I do.”

A: “you know what? You’re right! I do want to be you, I do everything you do.”

B: “yeah I know, that’s why your boyfriend likes me.”

A: Yup, so true. You should honestly just have him.”

B: “Uh, okay I will.”

C: “you’ll never be (A) so don’t (the bf) even think you have a chance with me.”

(Reverse Psychology)

Untitled by Ariana Lind
People look at me and they just see a pretty girl. They don’t know me, but if the government looks at me all they see is a statistic.
I’m the outlier.
In a world where I might seem to be a normal 20 yr old girl. The mindless, beautiful light skin girl who just lives on happiness. You’re wrong! No one knows me. . .
You can’t see my scars in my eyes.
You don’t see my pain. I’m just a happy 20 yr old girl until i get pulled over.
Now I’m a hysterical black woman with mental health issues + a criminal record. You don’t know me. . .
I might be a statistic. I might be struggling. But I am me. I deserve to be me without someone telling me that me is a bad girl.
You don’t know me . . .

Untitled by Camarra M. Robinson-Davies
Shannon: Today we are going to the mall bae i hope you didn’t forget.
Jacob: No, I didn’t forget. Mall of America right?
Shannon: yes
(as they were walking into the mall shannon saw her twin sister in her clothes and wearing her hair like her and being proper and having great grammar)
Shannon: What are you doing suzie, why are you trying to steal my man?
Suzie: What do you mean, I’m not doing anything!
Shannon: You know what i mean you’ve been acting like me for months unend!
Suzie: How we are twins, don’t you think that just comes naturally?
Shannon: lies you’ve been acting like me and now you’re wearing my clothes and making your hair like mine and speaking like you got some sense
Suzie: i’ve always talked like this
Shannon: You know we still have your voice recorded right?
(shannon pulls out her phone and goes to voice recorded messages)
Voice message: hey gurl wyd and why aint you answering your cell, don’t make me come up ther and get you.
Suzie: delete that, that’s not me guys i promise.
(suzie’s friends looks at her with disgust and surprise faces)
Shannon: Now go home, take my stuff off and put it back where you found it or else.
Suzie: or else what, what you gone do huh?
( Shannon grabbed Suzie by the neck like a dog and took her all the way home and made sure she took Shannon’s clothes, jewelry and shoes and put them back where they were.)
Suzie: I hate you, you didn’t have to embarrass me like that!
Shannon: well you shouldn’t have been in my room stealing
Suzie: well you shouldn’t have such nice clothes
Shannon: That’s the reason I pay for them. You know your not too young to get a job
Suzie: im 17 i know but mom said—
Shannon: but mom said nothing you do more without her permission than a woodpecker pecks wood
Suzie: i know but mom was very particular about me no getting a job and focusing on school
Shannon: we also need the extra money to pay all these bills
(shannon opens her drawer and pulls out a folder full of overdue bills)
Suzie: Why have you been hiding these from us? I could’ve got a job sooner if i knew this was going on
Shannon: because i didn’t want mom to have another stroke and go back into a coma
Suzie: fine but we have to get me a job quickly or we are going to be in big trouble
Shannon: ok where do you want to work
Suzie: a clothing department
Shannon: ok we can start at the marshalls
Suzie: sound like a plan
Shannon: lets go
Suzie: ok
(they get into shannons boyfriends car and they drive to the marshalls and they both put in a application, mind you this is shannon’s second job)
Mama: Suzie Marie Robinson get down here now
Suzie: yes mama
Mama: why is there a letter for you saying that you got a job
Suzie: well i wanted to start buying the clothes i want
(lying through her teeth)
Mama: what did i say about you getting a job
Suzie: you said to focus on school, but if you look at the other mail you’ll see another letter for me
Mama: it says princeton
Suzie: lets see if i made it in
(mama rips open the letter)
Mama: It is with great pleasure to inform you that Suzie Marie Robinson has been accepted to the college of prodigy’s princeton.
Suzie: aaaaaaaaaaaaa i got in
Mama: i’m so proud of you baby
Suzie: let’s tell shannon
(shannon just then walks through the front door)
Shannon: why are yall so happy and why is mom crying
Suzie: i got the job for one andddd i got accepted to princeton
Shannon: really!?
Suzie: YES
Shannon: congrats
(Shannon pulls everyone into a group hug and begins to cry tears of happiness)


Untitled by Isabelle Anderson-Kita
Based on 2023’s Ten Thousand Things shipwreck prompt

Potential props:
Boat that can become the island
Oars to be posts for a tent
Tree, small enough for a safe fall
Things to be food
Cosmin must wear long sleeves, and have something to put in it to look like a broken arm
Fish puppet for first act

Helicopter does not need to be seen, it can just be auditory, as well as the rescuer
All props listed can be replaced with placeholders, such as boxes arranged as a boat, or brooms in place of oars
An actor to be the fish is a fun addition, it makes the scene more comedic
This scene is not intended to be a romance, but if the director chooses to make it so, that’s okay.
Both characters can be fitted to the actors. If an actor would prefer to change or improvise some lines, this script may function as a groundwork and stage directions
Stage directions are italicized

Character notes:
Both are customizable, but there are a few traits that are important to the plot
Sammy is petrified by the idea of deep water, and is in nursing school
Cosmin is a marine biologist, and fears being alone, and particularly, being forgotten


Midday, a small rowboat at sea
Cosmin: We’ve been on this boat for days! We need food!
Sammy: Then get food!
Cosmin: I can’t! You won’t get within a foot of the edge of the boat!
Sammy: Thalassophobia is a real thing!
Cosmin: Dude! Why would you get on a goddanm BOAT going into the OCEAN! If you want to eat, I need your help! There’s a fish RIGHT THERE!
Sammy: I can’t!
C: Well, I’m not drowning for someone who won’t even try.
S: Fine!
C: Fine!
Night falls, an island appears in the distance
S: Cosmin! Wake up! Do you see that!
C: Stands Holy cannoli! Is that an island? We might just make it!
S: Please… don’t stand up!
C: My bad, my bad. Sits
S: Ok, ok. Let’s get rowing!


They arrive on the island. Boat prop can become the island if desired. It is tropical, lots of plam trees and rocks
C: Let’s go find some food.
S: Someone should stay here and set up camp. We’ll also need a way to make fresh water.
C: Do you think you could do that? I have no clue how to make fresh water. I didn’t even know that was a thing, honestly.
S: How did you even graduate?
C: I study what’s IN the water, not the water itself!
S: I was only teasing, jeez! But I can, in fact, do that, so, get moving!
Cosmin goes off to collect things, Sammy makes camp
Cosmin falls collecting fruit from a tree.
Night falls, Cosmin is still gone.
S: Why hasn’t Cosmin come back yet? Did they leave me?
Cosmin is on the ground, with a broken arm
C: Am I going to die alone? After all this? I risk my life, and she just leaves me? Just to be eaten, half alive by birds and mice. Cosmin has given up. At least they’ll have a good meal.
Sammy is walking around the woods, looking for any trace of Cosmin
S: Cosmin! Are you nearby? Shout if you can hear me!
Sammy walks off, shouting


Cosmin, now center stage, is woken up by Sammy tapping him
S: Cosmin? Are you with me?
C: Sammy?
S: Hey, Cos. How are you feeling? It looks like you broke your arm. Can you feel this?
C: Ow, yes, I can definitely feel that Sammy.
S: I just have to check. Follow my finger with your eyes.
C: Can we do this somewhere more, less wet?
S: More less. How did you graduate again?
C: Shut up and help me.
S: On it boss.
They head back to the camp
S: Well, everything is all set up here, so you can rest, and I’ll get us food.
C: I’m sorry. I just screwed us, didn’t I?
S: Nope! I’ve got this! I’ll get some, er, lower coconuts? So I don’t fall and die?
C: >:(
S: I’ll be back, you can start on some sort of SOS, if you feel up to it.
C: I think I could do that.
S: If I’m not back by nightfall, look for me. Also, make more water please!


Sammy leaves (side stage), Cosmin works on an SOS signal. Sammy renturns with food.
C: The SOS is all done, and water’s on right now. What did you get?
S: Perfect! I’ve got some fruits, and I killed a crab!
C: That’s a porcelain crab. They are edible, so it’s a good find!
S: Good!
Helicopter sound
Rescuer: Hello? Are there people here?
C: Yes! Yes, we’re over here!
S: Thank god! We’re gonna get out of here, Cos!
C: Wait, why didn’t you make an SOS yesterday?
S: … Uhhhhh I don’t know.
C: Dumb.
S: Let’s just get out of here.
C: Don’t have to tell me twice!

Untitled by Natalie Urbina
Yellow Socks Scene
First day of middle school, if you know, you know
No one really knows each other well
BOLD is yelling
Set is entirely director’s vision

Charactor notes:
Toughkneigh has friends from elementary school
Malvolio knew Toughkneigh, always hated eachother

Toekneigh: It’s the first day of school! I’m so excited to show off my cool yellow socks.
Toekneigh gets ready for school, dancing on the way out
Toekneigh: I love my socks! I’m gonna look so fresh!
Toekneigh: Thanks Neighbor!!
Toekneigh arrives at school
The homies: wassup toughkneigh
Toekneigh: hi guys !
The homies: your socks are really yellow
Toekneigh : they are limted edition yellow socks. I have so much confidence with them.
The homies: Are you sure those are a good idea bruh?
Malvolio and his minions arrive (They wak in in some sort of goofy syncronized step) behind Toughkneigh
Malvolio: What are those bruh? Bruh put bananas on his feet.
Malvolio starts laughing at him
Toekneigh: That’s mean. Bullying is not cool.
Malvolio starts mocking Toughkneigh
Malvolio: Whatever bannana boy!
Minions: Haha, banana boy! Banana boy!
Toekneigh starts crying and runs off
Toekneigh calls his mother to pick him up
Toekneigh: mommy pick me up please. I hate middle school. I’m going to drop out.
Mommy: I will come pick you up but it’s the first day dont be dramatic.
Toekneigh gets picked up and taken home, mime a car with mommy
They arrive home , Toekneigh throws his socks at the wall
Mommy: Violence is NOT the answer, toe!
Toekneigh: I’m dropping out, MOM, school is toxic.
Mommy: Why’d you throw your cool socks?
Toekneigh: Their not cool mom! Everyone hates them!
Mommy: Who hates them?
Toekneigh: Everyone! Malvolio and his goons were making fun of them!
Mommy: People are going to hate. You can’t let them get to you.
Toekneigh: Mom You’re not helping
Mommy: Well you have to finish school you’re NOT dropping out
Toekneigh: *Sighs* i’m never wearing those yellow socks ever again
Mommy: I’m going down to school, and I’ll knock those bullie’s blocks off!

Untitled by Ash Hamilton, Alex Reilkoff
Theater Prompt Dialogue

Margot- she/her, 19, works at coffee shop
Liam- he/him, 20, works kids after school programs

Inner thoughts standing behind actors, act shy at first. Liam’s inner thoughts begins to become flirty, but Margot’s inner thoughts stay cautious/less interested.

[Beginning, reconnection at freshman comp. Both sitting in class listening to
Teacher read out students names]

Teacher: Liam Johnson?

{Margot inner thoughts: Is that the Liam I’m thinking of? We used to be best friends}

[Margot walks over to him to see if it is him, sees it is and approaches him]

Margot: Hey! You’re Liam right?

Liam: Yeah hey! What’s your name?

Margot: I’m Margot! I don’t want to seem weird but you remind me of someone I used to know.

Liam: Wait, are you Margot Goehring?!

Margot: Yes! I knew you seemed familiar! I haven’t seen you since 8th grade.

Liam: I know it’s been so long, it’s great to see you again. How have you been?

Margot: I’ve been good! I traveled a bit over the summer. It was great.

Liam: That’s awesome! How has college been for you so far?

Margot: It’s been okay, honestly I’m a bit anxious and have a pretty packed schedule but I’m excited for a new start.

Liam: Yeah I get that, when you do have free time would you wanna go out and maybe get coffee and catch up?

Margot: I’d love that! If you didn’t get a new number I think I still have it, I can text you later about it. I just need to look at my work schedule and see when I’m free.

Liam: Yeah! Where do you work? I recently started doing after school programs with kids from the elementary school nearby.

Margot: That sounds really cool, I just recently started working at a coffee shop nearby.

Liam: Oh cool, I’ve been going to this one coffee shop near campus. I can’t remember the name though.

Margot: Yeah I think the one I work at is a decently popular study spot I see a lot of students come in.

Liam: Nice, well I think class is about to start and I don’t want to be behind on my first day. Just text me later and we can make plans!

Margot: Yeah for sure, it was nice seeing you again!

Liam: You too!

[they both walk off, class starts]

[Middle, studying at coffee shop Margot works at]

-Margot trying to study but Liam keeps talking-

*Margot’s inner thoughts: I feel like I’m gonna regret this.*

Margot: Did you know that this is the coffee shop I work at?

Liam: Really? I come here all the time! How come I never see you?

Margot: I work at specific hours, what time do you come here?

Liam: I always come here after my first class, so around 11am.

Margot: That makes sense! I work from 4-9pm.
*Margot’s inner thoughts: I wish i never told him*

*Liams inner thoughts: I hope this works out. I really like her.

Liam: I’ll have to start coming here then at that time!

*Margot’s inner thoughts: Gosh i wish he would stop talking*

Margot: Great!

*Liams inner thoughts: This is going amazing!*

Liam: After this, would you like to get some ice cream? I know this really good place.

Margot: Sure!

Liam: (still talking)

*Margot’s inner thoughts: I just want to study in peace, does he ever shut up?!*

[Getting ice cream]
Liam: I love their strawberry ice cream! It’s amazing and I love the little strawberries in it.

*Margot’s inner thoughts: I just want to get this over already*
Margot: Sounds good! I really like how soft this blue moon is! It’s like the perfect texture for ice cream.

Liam: I don’t think I’ve had that flavor before it looks good though! This is my favorite ice cream shop, I come here pretty often.

Margot: I’m not too familiar with the area and good food places so thank you for taking me here.

Liam: Yeah of course! I’m glad we’re hanging out again, it’s been forever.

Margot: Yeah! I’m glad we could catch up before I get too busy with school. I enjoyed spending time with you today.

Liam: Me too, maybe I could show you another one of my favorite places and take you to dinner?

Margot: That sounds nice but I was planning to just make dinner back at my place.

Liam: Oh yeah no worries, what are you making?

Margot: I was planning on making spaghetti, nothing too fancy.

Liam: I don’t know if you remember but I’m pretty good at cooking! You deserve a nice dinner, maybe I could help?

Margot: Sure, that’d be nice.

Margot’s Inner thought: [i was hoping to just go home and relax myself, we’ve spent the entire day together]

[At Margot’s apartment for dinner]

Liam: Oh wow, you have a really nice place!

Margot: Thanks! It’s nice not having to share dorms with anyone, it’s really peaceful.

Liam: I bet! It seems big enough for two people. Must be lonely here, all by yourslef!

Liams Inner Thought: [ I really like this place, I wonder if she gets the hint i want to move in with her]

Margot: Oh, yeah! But I enjoy having this space alone. It’s nice having peace and quiet when I need it. But do you want to start dinner? I’m getting hungry.

Liam: Oh yeah, sorry!

[Liam is cooking dinner; finishes]
Liam: Dinners done!

Liam inner thought: I really hope she likes the food! Maybe she’ll let my cook for her more often

Margot: Perfect! It smells amazing.
Margot’s inner thoughts: [I really hope he eats fast and leaves.]

Liam: Thanks!

Liams inner thoughts: [Maybe i should suggest watching a movie so i can stay later]

*They’re eating*

Margot: This was really good! Thank you for making this.

Liam: No problem! Would you want to watch a movie?

Margots inner thoughts: [Gosh, how more creepy can this be..]

Margot: Sorry but im getting tired now. Maybe another time, though?

Liam: Oh, okay. Yeah sure!

[Leaving Margot’s dorm and liam tries confessing his feelings]

Margot: Thank you for helping me with dinner, it was really good and I had a lot of fun today, it was nice to catch up!

Liam: Yeah thanks for letting me help, and I’m glad my cooking skills could impress you

[giggle] sillysillysilly

*Margot: (jokingly) Whatever, Thanks for coming over, I hope you get home safe and I’ll hopefully see you again soon.

Margot starts to open the door for him
Liam: Margot I really like spending time with you, I’m glad we could reconnect

Margot: Yeah I agree

Liam: You’re a really fun person and I enjoy being around you a lot

Margot: Thank you!

Liam: I know you feel the same way, I feel like theres more to this connection, I think we could take things further

Margot: Yeah I get it, Its great being your friend

Liam: Margot I don’t know if you understand, but I want to be with you,

Margot: Liam, I’m sorry, thats not something I can do, I mean we only just reconnected, plus we just started school, I’m trying to focus on school, I love being your friend but I can’t be more than that

Liam: I get it, I’m sorry for assuming, If you still want to be friends then I’d enjoy that a lot, I gotta get home, have a good night!

*Liam leaves margot shuts the door*

[Liam inner thoughts, that was so stupid of me, its been such a short time i hope i didnt ruin things]

[Margot inner thoughts, i really wanna be his friends i love hanging out with him but him liking me more than a friend changes things]

Triple Libra by Aspen Clausen and Nico GoehringCharacters:



At a grocery store, Karlie finds the chocolate granola she’s been looking for, only 1 bag left. Right when she’s about to grab it, she gets a text from Josh.

Josh: Where are you? I thought we talked about this. You have to check in with me when you leave the apartment. I don’t like not knowing where you’re at.

Karlie sighs. Every day she is feeling less like Karlie and more like Josh’s girlfriend.
While Karlie is checking her phone, Cassie grabs the last bag of chocolate granola. Karlie looks up.

Karlie: Oh excuse me! I’m sorry, I actually had that bag!
Cassie: Why am I the one holding it then?
Karlie: Oh come on, you saw I was standing right here, I was just checking my phone. Cassie: Look, I’m sorry! But I’m not giving this bag up it’s the last one!
Karlie: I know! That’s why I need it, I just ran out of granola and this is the only kind I like! Cassie: Well, I’m actually in a very similar situation
Karlie: God, you are so passive-aggressive. You must be an Aries.
Cassie: I’m not. I’m a Libra
Karlie: Oh, so am I… Well, it’s got to be your rising sign then.
Cassie: Wrong again! If you have to know, I’m actually a triple Libra.
Karlie (taken aback): Wait, actually?
Cassie: Yes. Now, can I please just take my granola?
Karlie: I’m a triple Libra…
Cassie: Really? What are the odds… September or October?
Karlie: September
Cassie: Me too. There’s no way that… What day?
Karlie: 28th
Cassie: Are you messing with me right now? That’s literally my birthday. Karlie: Why would I be messing with you? I don’t even know who you are. Cassie: This is so weird…
Karlie: Agreed.
Cassie: Do you want to go get coffee or something? I just have this feeling that we should keep talking.
Karlie: Um..

Karlie gets a text from Josh.
Josh: Hello?? Why aren’t you answering me? Come home, now.

Cassie: Hello? Uh…. (realizes she doesn’t know Karlie’s name)
Karlie: Oh, it’s Karlie.
Cassie: Cassie. So Karlie…coffee?
Karlie (distracted): Oh, yeah sorry I can’t. I have to go home.
Cassie: Okay, well, could I maybe get your number? I know this is really strange but I think we should stay in touch.
Karlie: Yeah, for sure

They exchange phone numbers.

Karlie: Any chance you want to give me that granola?
Cassie: Nope, this is coming home with me. Bye.

They exit the stage on opposite sides.
At the coffee shop. Cassie is behind the counter working and Josh comes in. Josh has been coming to the coffee shop every day for a week and Cassie has developed a crush on him and they both act very flirty.

Cassie: Welcome in! Just the regular for you?
Josh: You know what? Surprise me today.
Cassie: Yeah, okay! Um, is there anything specific you want? You know, hot or iced, coffee, no coffee
Josh: I’ll take it hot. Other than that, do whatever you want (he winks at her as he walks away)
Cassie: No problem!

Cassie writes her number on the cup.

Cassie: Drink for Josh?
Josh: Thanks…(looks at her name tag) Cassie.
Cassie: That’s my number by the way, on the cup.
Josh: Good to know. Thanks again.
Cassie: See you tomorrow?

Josh nods. Cassie waves at him as Josh exits.
At Karlie and Josh’s apartment. Josh enters, finishes his drink, leaves his cup on the table and starts to walk away. Karlie notices the number written on the cup.

Karlie: Hey, what’s this number?
Josh: (dismissive) Oh nothing, just some girl at the coffee shop. She’s always flirting with me…Anyway, I’m gonna go to the gym, bye.

Josh exits.
Karlie picks up the cup, not being sure what prompted her to do so, but she had some unexplained sense of familiarity.

Karlie: Wait…

She reads the numbers and recognizes them, though she’s not sure what from. She picks up her phone and searches the number in her contacts.

Karlie: Oh my god… It’s Cassie! That girl from Trader Joe’s the other day!

(Karlie calls Cassie)

Karlie: Hey, it’s Karlie from Trader Joe’s
Cassie: Oh hi!
Karlie: I was wondering, would you still be up for a coffee sometime?
Cassie: Yes, I’d love that! I actually work at the place down on 38th and Belmont, Groundswell. Would you be down to meet there tomorrow morning?
Karlie: Yeah that sounds great! 10 work for you?
Cassie: Yep, see you then! Bye!
Karlie: Okay, bye!
Karlie: Should I talk to Josh? Or should I tell Cassie? This could be my chance to catch Josh cheating and finally end things. She’ll be here any minute though. (she pauses and makes up her mind) I’m gonna tell her and figure out what this weird connection is between us.


Untitled by Anonymous
Monologue 1:
they say that i’m argumentative
that my words “stab”
but my words never kill.
they say my words “pierce the skin”
but they never draw blood
because my words are not spears;
i can never break the skin.
I can never maim what is protected.
so they say that i’m argumentative;
their bodies defenses going against me,
the proclaimed threat,
so they don’t have to admit that the false information is what keeps them standing
so they don’t have to acknowledge
that what they’re doing is illicit.

As much as i fight with the minds in front of me,
they’ll only remember the lies of those beneath them.
the lies,
holding onto them,
building them up,
but destroying those underneath.

Monologue 2:
She loves the sound of music,
Her happiness is hard to beat.
So bright and cheerful in her ways,
Like sunshine on a summer’s day.

With charm and wit, she draws you near,
Friendly and inviting, without a fear.
Her strong energy fills the air,
You cannot help but stop and stare.

She’s more than meets the eye,
Careful and shy, you can’t deny,
Her inner self, so true and bright,
Kept hidden from the world in sight.

Monologue 3:
I love myself, I love myself to the point I see nothing wrong when i look in the mirror. I love myself to the point I can express myself fully. I love myself to the point i struggle to understand how others cant love themselves, yet when i think back years I didn’t love myself either. What had changed? What made my perspective change? When did I decide I was perfect? When did I decide I could look in the mirror and not be disgusted by who’s looking back? When was this change? What changed.. me? Why can I look at myself and be happy, why can I be myself without the worry of others? Why can I feel comfortable in my own body? How does one change this perspective? Was it me? Was it the world? Was I finally being chosen to have a good life? Is teaching others to love themselves my duty now? But how can I teach them if i don’t even understand it myself. Is all this questioning showing im not truly confident? Am i selfish for loving myself so much when people around me don’t? Is my life an act where I am the main character? Or am i simply one to the side who’s wish is to be in the spotlight? Is my confidence a facade? Am I truly this person i am on the outside, or am I confused on who I am in the inside? Am i truly me? I have to be, right? Did i fake the confidence to the point its true.. or has it always been true, or a lie? Must i continue in this act, this play, this facade until it becomes true, or has it already became true and im questioning it to the point it reverts? All I can do is hope, hope that its true, but despite the doubts, continuing to act in this one man play, I must choose my decisions, my own thoughts and questions, i am me, and this me is the best me i can be, perhaps thats the only confidence you need.

Untitled by Anonymous
1: We’ve almost made it to the border
2: It’s been 5 hours, we’re almost free
1: OMG Kaddie there’s rocks up yonder!
2: How didn’t you see that before blindy
1: Gosh diddly darn it lad were stuck!
2: We’ll never make it to the 13 states now
1: By the time we get there, they won’t be the new states anymore
2: Bloody hell the water is leaking in now
1: (gaelic) we’re screwed!
2: *Kisses air* Goodbye children!
“Flashback to house with 50 children waving back to their dad”

Untitled by Anonymous
This feels like a therapy session nobody is here yet it feels like the whole universe is listening
As if the key I’m loosing into the void will be found, the chest unlocks, everything I swore to never share spilling out all at once. What if the secrets leak through the cracks of your door? Would you wipe it up and toss it in the trash as if it wasn’t staining your floor? Would it seep into your brain forever a part of you?

Untitled by Anonymous
In the cafeteria, two girls are sitting at their table, their friend Kristen is getting lunch in the school lunch line.

Ashley: Ugh, I don’t think we should be seen with someone getting school lunch. Ashley snarls as she eats.
Lindsay: Yeah, I agree.

Ashley: Oh my god, did you even see what she wore today..

Ashley turns her head to look at Kristen and uses her hand to turn Lindsays head Lindsay: Yeah, its so cute! It looks like bananas! I love bananas.
Lindsay smiles

Ashley: Yeah banana peels from the garbage can.

Ashley rolls her eyes.

Lindsay: They kinda remind me of the sun!

Lindsay smiles, Ashley turns her head and glares at her

Lindsay: and i hate the sun..? Well.. I kind-of like

Ashley: Shut up Lindsay.

Ashley cuts her off and smacks her lightly.

Kristen enters

Kristen: Hey guys, sorry I took forever, the line was long today. What did you bring? She sits between them smiling. Lindsay starts to open her bag happily
Lindsay: Oh i brought

Ashley: I brought a wrap.. I couldn’t be near that school slop.

Kristen: oookayy…

Kristen starts to notice the vibes are off and starts to eat from her plate. Lindsay: Oh my god you’re matching with your food thats so cute hahaha..!

Ashley: Better keep your socks away from the heat, they might pop. Last I checked we aren’t going to a movie.

Ashley snarkily says. Lindsay and Ashley laugh

Lindsay: Yeah did you sprinkle lemon zest on your socks because I didn’t bring lemon cake.. Haha!

Lindsay smiles.

Ashley: Mr. Schmidt Said bring a highlighter to class, not dress like one. Ashley laughs.
Lindsay: Ohh my goddd your socks are giving fearless era!

Kristen: I love taylor swift!

Lindsay: Whats your favorite song?

Kristen: My favorite is all too well 10 minute version, whats yours?

Lindsey: Oh i really like haunted taylor version of course.. but ive been totally into reputation recently.. but i’ve also been into folklore as well..! Oh but then theres also- (starts singing) drunk in the back of the car and I cry like a baby coming home from the bar (Kristen joins) woah said I am fine, but it wasn’t true. I don’t want to keep secrets just to keep you and I snuck in through the garden gates-“

Ashley: SHUT UP LINDSAY! Oh my god- and Kristen, you. cant. sit. with. us. with those hideous socks!

The whole cafeteria falls silent.

Kristen grabs her tray silently and begins to leave, Lindsay stands, walks over to Kristen, grabs the lemonade from Kristens tray, and pours the lemonade on her socks.

Lindsay: You know what Kristen, I like your socks. Oooo thats cold.

Ashley: What the hell, Lindsay! You’re MY friend, I made you, and I could break you, you are NOTHING without me!”

Lindsay: But i.. i like yellow socks, because they remind me of the sun, and taylor swift and the ocean, and i love the ocean.

Its silent again.

Ashley: Oh my god Lindsay you are so stupid.

Kristen: Stop calling her stupid! You’re the one who sounds stupid, judging people for their clothes. You should just shut up!

Everyone goes silent except for a few small gasps.

Kristen: “Everyones scared of you because you’re mean for no reason, you think you’re so popular but you’re just a bully!

Lindsay: yeah and


Suddenly, a student walks up and pulls her pants up and shes wearing green socks with pink spots. More students stand and lots of people wear disgusting and ugly socks, suddenly Lindsay bursts into Taylor Swift song
Lindsey “ One day I’ll be livin in a big ole city and all you’re ever gonna be is mean”

The whole cafeteria joins in. Ashley snarls off and leaves. The cafeteria continues with Taylor Swift’s mean.