Sotto Voce

February 16-18, 2022

Directed by Tatyana-Marie Carlo

Featuring Oscar Emmanuel Fabela, Thallis Santesteban and Sally Wingert

Dramaturg – Jo Holcomb
Stage Manager – Lisa Smith
Stream Master – Maxwell Collyard 

Nilo Cruz’s play creates a lyrical, and often mystical cross-generational relationship between Saquiel, a Cuban student, and Bemadette, an iconic German novelist who in 1939 watched her Jewish lover board the St. Louis in Hamburg. Saquiel, himself an aspiring writer, wants nothing more than to meet the celebrated Bemadette Kahn. Mrs. Kahn (whose given name in German means “having the courage of a bear,” however, sees no one except her lively Colombian assistant Lucila. What develops brings back the love stories that define them and the lives they left behind – stories full of memory and magic and beauty.

Quotes & Reviews

"Thank you for a wonderful play, movingly performed.”
"Beautiful story, lyrical and beautifully told.”
"What a creative way to present that work.”
"So happy to have experienced this! Wonderful words, wonderful acting.”
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