The 2021/2022 Season

Ten Thousand Voices 2022: Creative Voices in our Community
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For the safety of our audience members, artists, volunteers and staff, Ten Thousand Things Theater is postponing the in-person readings for later this year.

Directed by Faye M. Price
Music Direction by Peter Vitale

Featuring the creative voices from our community presented by Artist Interpreters Cristina Florencia Castro, George Keller, Kurt Kwan, Tracey Maloney and Mikell Sapp.

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Ten Thousand Voices hopes to empower, affirm, and reflect the voices of our community partners by inviting participants to respond to writing prompts and express their own creative impulses.

This year, we are highlighting contributions from Minnesotans living in correctional facilities and from individuals within the disabilities community. Both of these communities have been enormously impacted and challenged by the pandemic. We are honored to share their writings and amplify their voices.

Creative submissions contributed from MSS - Supporting People with Disabilities, FreeWriters, Minnesota Correctional Facility Faribault, Minnesota Correctional Facility Shakopee and Minnesota Correctional Facility Stillwater in the fall of 2021 with express permission from the authors.

Ten Thousand Things sincerely thanks the staff at each community for sharing the opportunity with participants and for shepherding the work back to TTT.

From a participant this past year: “ took [my piece] to a whole new level of meaning. Seems to me that what theater does when it works right is to give us back ourselves, burnished and brightened (or forgiven and healed, depending) - you managed both. Thanks.

24 Pieces Featured:

Recipe for Life by Kelly at Fresh Eye Arts, MSS
Poems by Karissa, FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
Bristlecone by Elizabeth at MCF Shakopee
Maple Tree by David Christenson at MSS
Black Shoes by Douglas at MCF Stillwater
My Superpower by Jamie at MCF Stillwater
Dream Scene, Scene 1 by Karissa, FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
The Forgotten Tree by Nicholas at MCF Faribault
Whispering Tree by David at MCF Faribault
My Superpower by Dontre FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
Balloon Factory Dream by Brooks at MCF Faribault
Dream Scene, Scene 2 by Karissa, FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
Coconut Palm by Elizabeth at MCF Shakopee
Unless You Have Walked a Day by Lux at MCF Shakopee
Lightning Tree by Dai’Quawn at MCF Stillwater
My Super Power by Bryant, FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
Pam’s Bubblegum by Kate at MSS
Different City by Bryant FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
(Freedom) by Bryant FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
Dream Scene, Scene 3 by Karissa, FREE WRITERS at Hennepin County Jail
The Day I Walked a Thousand Million Miles by Leonard at MCF Stillwater
Unexpected Job by David at MCF Stillwater
Aspen by Elizabeth at MCF Shakopee
We Yet Endure by William at MCF Stillwater

  • Cristina Florencia Castro

    Cristina Florencia Castro

  • George Keller

    George Keller

  • Kurt Kwan

    Kurt Kwan

  • Tracey Maloney

    Tracey Maloney

  • Mikell Sapp

    Mikell Sapp