The 2018/2019 Season


By Molière

October 11 – November 4
Open Book (1011 Washington Ave S, Mpls)

Guest directed by Randy Reyes

Featuring Sarah Agnew, Ricardo Beaird, Elise Langer, Kris Nelson, Kimberly Richardson and Karen Wiese-Thompson

A raucous comedy about love, revenge, family dynamics, deception and greed. Through a fast-paced delivery, questions of class divisions and entitlement are peeled in front of our eyes: Who has the upper hand in the end? Those with wit or those with money? Those who are generous or those who are greedy?

  • Sarah Agnew

    Sarah Agnew

  • Ricardo Beaird

    Ricardo Beaird

  • Elise Langer

    Elise Langer

  • Kris Nelson

    Kris Nelson

  • Kimberly Richardson

    Kimberly Richardson

  • Karen Wiese-Thompson

    Karen Wiese-Thompson