The 2022/2023 Season

Mlima's Tale
Mlimas Tale Option 1 with Logo

By Lynn Nottage

Live, In-Person
February 10-March 12

Directed by Ansa Akyea
Music by Dameun Strange

Featuring Brian Bose, Katie Bradley, Joy Dolo, Clay Man Soo and Will Sturdivant

We learn from Mlima's Tale that elephants may become extinct in as few as 20 years because of poaching for their ivory. This unusual play was written by Lynn Nottage, the Pulitzer prize winning playwright of Ruined and Sweat'. The play was inspired by a magazine article about how wild elephants are illegally hunted down by “contract poachers” and their ivory tusks smuggled out of Africa and sold for profit. Mlima’s Tale is an enthralling piece of theater that tells a fascinating story in a daringly original way.

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