The 2023/2024 Season

Iphigenia at Aulis
Iphigenia Hollys Graphic

By Euripides
Translated by W.S. Merwin

Live, In-Person at Outdoor and Indoor Venues
September 10-October 2

We thank the Estate of Nina Rothchild who made possible a video capture of Iphigenia at Aulis, which will help us reach many of our community partners.

Directed by Marcela Lorca
Music by JD Steele

Featuring Stephanie Anne Bertumen, Isa Condo-Olvera, Steven Epp, Katherine Fried, Christopher Jenkins, Elizabeth Reese, Janely Rodriguez, Hailey "Sky", Will Sturdivant, JoeNathan Thomas, Regina Marie Williams and Sally Wingert with musician Billy Steele

A contemporary take on a classic tale about the courage it takes for a young woman to step forward even when facing unimaginable challenges. With an all- star cast and a singing chorus of citizens who respond movingly to the unfolding events, audiences can expect to be swept up in the action, music and movement of this 90-minute performance.

"A gutting 'Iphigenia at Aulis' lands with poetic heartbreak." – Star Tribune

"I was moved to tears. A true catharsis as Greek theater was for the Greeks. We were fortunate to also see it outdoors as in Greek times." – Attendee at Powderhorn Park

"The performance at Everwood Farm, near Glenwood City, WI was gorgeous. Thanks so much for bringing Euripides, and you, to our part of the world." – Jan at Everwood Farm

"This was extraordinary in all ways, we loved it so much. This is my second time seeing." – Attendee at Water Works Park

"Every show I've seen at TTT is a marvelous, great, generous gift to our community. This one is sublime. Perfectly conceived, cast, staged, directed, danced, sung, acted. A deep and gorgeous work of art that I will never forget. What a treat. Thank you." – Ann at Luminary Arts Center

"I loved this show. Watching it this Sunday morning felt like a gospel service. Sending much love and appreciation to all!" – Erin watched via video

"Ten Thousand Things has produced an epic, and a glorious one at that." – Talkin' Broadway

"Very impressive production. Delightful. I never would have imagined that a Greek tragedy could be so accessible and pleasurable." – John at Powderhorn Park

"The performance at Everwood Farmstead Foundation was stunning. Best play I've ever seen!" – Ken at Everwood Farm

"Ten Thousand Things continues to take me to unexpected destinations. The ride is exhilarating and the destination has made me a better person. I will continue to follow wherever you may lead me. " – Charlie at Water Works Park

"We were all just gob-smacked by the performance. So glad we didn't miss it! What casting! What performances! What music! TTT never fails to amaze and impress." – Lois at Luminary Arts Center

"I am very appreciative for the opportunity to have seen this performance streamed. The acting and singing were excellent, and the camera work and editing were terrific. This is so great to have streaming available for those of us who can no longer easily or safely attend many performances." – Sandra watched via video

"Iphigenia at Aulis is a gorgeous production with a large and hugely talented cast, that uses an original score to tell this ancient story." – Cherry and Spoon

"I did blubber into my mask through the entire play, just immediately lost the sense of these being actors in a park. The actual definition of catharsis, I guess. It was so good." – Elizabeth at Powderhorn Park

"As usual, this was an absolute wonderful, creative show. " – Fran at Water Works Park

"My wife and I have been attending TTT productions for going on 20 years. Last night's Iphigenia was yet another reason why we attend...just a beautiful 90 minutes of theater." – Paul at Luminary Arts Center

"This community is so lucky to have you and you have made TTT a vital and inclusive part of our artistic and social community. Brava, Brava, Brava." – Joe watched via video