The 2019/2020 Season

The Hatmaker's Wife
Hatmakers Small

By Lauren Yee

Directed by Michelle O'Neill

Featuring JuCoby JohnsonNathan Keepers, Meghan Kreidler, Kurt Kwan, Jim Lichtscheidl and Kimberly Richardson

In this whimsical and poignant new play, a young woman moves in with her boyfriend expecting domestic bliss but instead has trouble getting comfortable. Her strange new home seems determined to help her. 

Given that we will not be able to rehearse nor likely tour The Hatmaker’s Wife, scheduled to go on tour April 23, we hope to move this show to the middle slot of our 2020-2021 season (Jan-Feb 2021).

Because we believe that artists are our greatest asset, we will pay our actors for their entire contracts. We will engage these artists in mission-related activities during this COVID-19 pandemic. TTT has long employed artists in many aspects of our organization beyond shows, so we are ready to find creative ways to engage artists in pursuit of our vision and in immediate efforts to serve the greater community in this time of need.

The Hatmaker's Wife is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., a Concord Theatricals Company.

  • JuCoby Johnson

    JuCoby Johnson

  • Nathan Keepers

    Nathan Keepers

  • Meghan Kreidler

    Meghan Kreidler

  • Kurt Kwan

    Kurt Kwan

  • Jim Lichtscheidl

    Jim Lichtscheidl

  • Kimberly Richardson

    Kimberly Richardson