Production History


By Molière

September 27 – November 4

Directed and adapted by Randy Reyes with additional text by the cast

Featuring Sarah Agnew, Ricardo Beaird, Elise Langer, Kris Nelson, Kimberly Richardson and Karen Wiese-Thompson

A raucous comedy about love, revenge, family dynamics, deception and greed. Through a fast-paced delivery, questions of class divisions and entitlement are peeled in front of our eyes: Who has the upper hand in the end? Those with wit or those with money? Those who are generous or those who are greedy?

What the Critics & Audiences Said

"...the whole show has been such inspired, silly fun." — Star Tribune

"We NEEDED this laughter and silly fun. I think the whole world needs this right now. Always worth the trip, but especially so today." — Dan at North Hennepin Community College

"We were DAZZLED! It was so hilarious and just what we need these days when all around us is gloom and doom- isn't that what theater was invented for?" — Pam at Open Book

"Seeing a Ten Thousand Things show makes me happier than just about anything" — Cherry and Spoon

"I didn't know how desperately I needed to laugh...and it feels so GOOD to laugh!" — Marcia at Dougherty Family College

"Wonderful. We laughed for 85 minutes! What a great escape." — John at Open Book

"...a constant flow of laughter" — Talkin' Broadway

"This was my first play ever. It was great, so much fun!" — Inmate at Ramsey County Women's Workhouse

"Scapin was the best production I've seen this year! Randy Reyes got the spirit of commedia dell'arte just right for a modern audience. Thank you for lifting our spirits for 90 minutes at a time when just being in the world means we're assaulted by bad news..." — John at Open Book

"We all had a hoot of a good time." — Broadway World

"This was such good therapy." — Attendee at Windom Community Center

"Every time we attend, I just can't stop talking about the company. Yes, every show is a virtuosic collaboration of talented, passionate performers and incredibly enjoyable on that level alone. But the deep and long-standing commitment to the 10,000 Things mission keeps me talking about the company. Theater as a profound story-telling, theater illuminating a raw life experience, theater for everyone, created and performed with utmost respect and humanity." — Janis at Open Book