Production History

Park and Lake

STE 5304 copy

Devised by the Cast with Kira Obolensky

February 16 - March 11

Co-directed by Michelle Hensley and Luverne Seifert

Featuring Stephen Cartmell, H. Adam Harris, George Keller, Thomasina Petrus, Kimberly Richardson, Luverne Seifert, Eric "Pogi" Sumangil and Karen Wiese-Thompson

In this delightful romp, a group of eight motley employees at a failing small-town car wash decides to take their destinies into their own hands. Devised by veteran Ten Thousand Things actors Luverne Seifert, Stephen Cartmell, Sun Mee Chomet, Joy Dolo, H. Adam Harris, George Keller, Kurt Kwan, Thomasina Petrus, Randy Reyes, Kimberly Richardson, Eric "Pogi" Sumangil, director Michelle Hensley and playwright Kira Obolensky.

What the Critics & Audiences Said

"The audience laughs often and hard. Big belly laughs" — MinnPost

"It was the best, magical theater moment I can remember" — audience member at Indigenous Roots

"One friend said, 'I haven't laughed hard, like I did yesterday, for years!' Thanks very much for providing such a joyous afternoon in our community" — Staff member at Redwood Falls Community Center

"If a theater company could be eligible for sainthood, Minneapolis' Ten Thousand Things would be a prime candidate" — Pioneer Press

"I was crying, because it just felt so HOPEFUL!" —Inmate at Shakopee Women's Corrections

"It was an absolute delight. The combination of wit, talent AND the ingenuity with the props never cease to amaze me. I'm hooked. Your mission of serving the disadvantaged, especially in this climate, is a blessing to us all." — Pat at Open Book

"...a play that works like a popcorn popper, kernels of laughter flying from the stage." — Talkin' Broadway

"The smiles brought to the depths of my soul, guttural laughter, observing so many others in attendance enjoying this wonderful performance!" — Meg at St Paul's ELCA of Minneapolis

"Loved the show! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to laugh non-stop for two hours...such a rare treat." — Barbara at Open Book