Production History

Intimate Apparel

By Lynn Nottage
May 12 – June 4  

Directed by Austene  Van

Featuring Aimee Bryant, Darius Dotch, Dame-Jasmine Hughes, George Keller, Kris Nelson and Karen Wiese-Thompson

A beautiful story of an African American seamstress in the early 1900s, her long-distance correspondence and romance with a worker on the Panama Canal, and her loving friendships with a prostitute and a Jewish tailor.

What the Critics & Audiences Said

"A fine as silk staging" —Star Tribune

"This is a different kind of therapy man, so cool" —Client at Regions Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program

"I left feeling so many emotions about women's experiences throughout history and how complex their relationship and their lives are. I loved every one of TTT's plays, but this one might have been the best! (Until the next one, of course.) Thank you for so much." —Catherine at Open Book

"One of the best ever - by all involved. We talked about the performance for days!" —Miriam at MN Opera Center

"Bryant's glorious performance is supported by a uniformly strong cast...precisely crafted and heartbreakingly human" —City Pages

"My first play was two years ago when I saw ya'll at Hennepin (County Women's Corrections). I'm so excited that my daughter gets to see you as her first play too under better circumstances! I promised myself after I had her I'm staying out of jail, and this is my road to make that happen." —Client at Wayside House

"Wonderful to experience the intimacy of the production, Intimate Apparel in Alexandria. The vulnerability and depth touched my soul whilst seeing and feeling what unites us as human beings. " —Sherry at Alexandria Technical & Community College

"Along with beautifully real acting, clear direction, and an intimacy with the story that only the specific TTT "all the lights on" up-close-and-personal style can bring, this Intimate Apparel is one I will remember." —Cherry and Spoon

"I feel incredibly special to have been witness to this tonight. So beautiful and touching" —Attendee at Great River Regional Library

"What a wonderful play. It got me so involved. Every actor caused me to feel for her/him. I guess that is what a good play and good actors do. I will think about these people for a long time." —Joseph at Open Book

"That was the best two hours I've spent at school in my whole life." —Student at Hubbs Center