Production History

Electraelectra duo 2

by Euripides

October 13 - November 5 

Guest Directed by Rebecca Novick

Featuring Michelle Barber, Kurt Kwan, Audrey Park, Thomasina Petrus, Mikell Sapp, Ricardo Vazquez and Karen Wiese-Thompson

Ever since her mother killed her father, Electra's life has gone from bad to worse. Now, she's plotting revenge with the help of a mysterious stranger, the neighborhood wives and an old friend, and hoping a little payback will turn things around.

What the Critics & Audiences Said

"With powerful performances, Electra epitomizes what sets Ten Thousand Things apart" — Star Tribune

"Thank you SO much TTT, for your stunning version of Electra! This was another perfect took an old play and brought it back to life" — Brigitte at Kings Crossing

"Here and in treatment and stuff, you're not really suppose to talk about your anger and being betrayed. You're only suppose to talk about looking forward to good, the roses, but THIS is the real stuff we gotta work through." — Inmate at Ramsey County Women's Workhouse

"This tragedy was a joy to watch" — Cherry and Spoon

"I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. I'm blown away!" — Attendee at Northland High School in Remer, MN

"I loved everything about Electra at the Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center. I was transported from everyday life and deeply moved." — Helen at Indigenous Roots

"Electra offers a work of theater that touches us by laying bare the world in which we live." — Talkin' Broadway

"This is it, this, what we see as the extreme in this story happens to women and people everyday. It's just behind closed doors. It can be triggering and hard for sure, but also really helpful for some of these women to see parts of their own story reflected. They feel a little less alone. I do." — Attendee at Cornerston Advocacy

"Absolutely outstanding! Melding the tragic age-old story of Electra with the contemporary humor of the wise muses was most entertaining and appreciated" — Norma at Open Book