Production History

Emilia Graphic

By Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Live, In-Person
April 27-June 11

Directed by Marcela Lorca
Music by Peter Vitale

Costumes by Sarah Bahr
Sets/Props by Sarah Brandner

Featuring Maggie ChestovichSun Mee Chomet, Julia DiazGeorge KellerGreta OglesbyMo PerryKimberly Richardson, Sophina SaggauMarisa Tejeda

Bursting with passion, music and humor, Emilia is based on the life of English poet Emilia Bassano, who was born in 1569. The play tells the fictional story of her relationship with William Shakespeare, her tremendous skill as a writer, and her determination to thrive and uplift women’s voices at a time when laws were designed to restrict women’s rights.

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"a triumphant production" - Pioneer Press

“It made me cry. This story is so true. It speaks to women, it speaks to me.” – Attendee at Touchstone Mental Health

“10 out of 10. NO! 12 out of 10!” – Attendee at Wayside House

"TTT has no equal in the Twin Cities. The cast of each & every performance is incredible, the staff & volunteers make each visit enjoyable and welcoming, and TTT's outreach programs are exactly what should be happening in the world! Thank you for being just who you are, TTT!" – Liz at Open Book

"A must see. It’s powerful, empowering, inspiring, not to mention funny, moving with a historical thread running through it. I cannot recommend this play too highly! It’s amazing from beginning to end." – Trilby at Hamline University

"delightful," "teems with wit" - Star Tribune

“Oh, my heart is so emotional. Emilia had to make so many hard choices. My heart is so full.” – Attendee at MSS

“OMG it was so good! Thanks so much for bringing this here! I’m glad we got a chance to see this, and such a cool mission for the theater!” – Liz at St Catherine University

"TTT is the best! I am a donor because of the non-traditional audiences you serve AND because of the outstanding quality of your performances. Keep it up!" – Judy at Open Book

"Absolutely beautiful, powerful, important work, just absolutely spot on, I simply cannot rave about this play and these women enough!" – Teresa at Open Book

"Wonderful, you keep outdoing yourselves every time!!!" – Attendee at Falcon Heights Church

"a beautiful, gripping, and thoroughly entertaining production" - Talkin' Broadway

"Beautifully acted, impeccably staged, enhanced by the music." – Attendee at Interact Center

"I LOVED EVERYTHING." – Attendee at Black Youth Healing Arts Center

"I am still trying to find the words to express what I experienced tonight! Thank you for this production of Emilia! I cried my eyes out at the end because I have never felt so seen, and so understood. This production was a gift and will continue to be a gift to so many!" – Nubia at Open Book

"This was an amazing has stayed with me for days!" – Sue at Open Book

"Ten Thousand Things shows are always must-sees, but this one feels particularly special." - Cherry and Spoon

“This was the first play I’ve seen in 20 years. It was beautiful. Thank you so much for coming.” – Attendee at Cora McCorvey

“Oh my god, so powerful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Carleen at Carty Heights

"One of my favorite productions I’ve seen in the twin cities EVER! Such a joy and so very moving." – Isa at Open Book

"I was blown away by the production. The versatility and range of the actors are astonishing; they are all so gifted both physically and vocally." – Barrett at Open Book

"My husband and I really enjoyed the show; we are grateful for the actors' clear presentation and their skillful movement and interaction with the audience - and since the video work was so excellent, we felt we were present in the space as well." – Kathleen