Production History

Mlima's Tale
Mlimas Tale Graphic

By Lynn Nottage

Live, In-Person
February 9 - March 12

Directed by Ansa Akyea
Music by Dameun Strange

Featuring Brian Bose, Katie Bradley, Joy Dolo, Clay Man Soo and Will Sturdivant

This enthralling play by Lynn Nottage, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Ruined and Sweat, centers on the ivory trade, following the tusks and spirit of the magnificent elephant Mlima, from his home in Kenya through Vietnam and then China. Nottage tells the fascinating story in a daringly original way, asking us to reflect on the collective consequences of human action.

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"The production is done in Ten Thousand Things' signature bare-bones manner with minimal sets and props, lights up on the audience and performances with power-packed immediacy." – Star Tribune

"This is the first play I've seen in my life, I'm 45 years old. I guess it's never too late. I'll never forget this experience, never... thank you!" – Attendee at St Peter Regional Treatment Center

"So beautiful. Seeing the whole cast become an elephant was stunning. I can’t wait for you to come back." – Attendee at Episcopal Homes

"One of my top theatrical experiences EVER. THANK YOU for what you do!!" – Paul at Open Book

"I truly cannot imagine a theater anywhere giving a more fully realized production of the play than what Ten Thousand Things has given to us." – Talkin' Broadway

"I was born and raised in Vietnam. Hearing authentic Vietnamese accents really made me feel special. They were so good. So accurate. All the words they said were so right. I've seen other Ten Thousand Things shows but this one was special. It was a beautiful show, thank you for showing it to us!" – Cindy at Project Success

"I love the whole show. It was tragic to see the elephant die but it was beautiful to watch its journey." – Attendee at Interact Center

"Truly one of TTT's finest! Beautifully crafted play, superb acting and perfectly integrated sound, costumes and props. I hope this team comes together again for another TTT production." – Sally at Open book

"It's funny and fantastical and tragic, and as always beautifully brought to life by some of #TCTheater's best artists in a small space with "All the Lights On," harnessing the power of collective imagination as we travel the world with Mlima" – Cherry and Spoon

"Thank you so much. The play was so moving, and I saw so many of our students engaged in ways that we don’t always reach in classes." – Carol at Transition Plus

"I only saw one play when I was a child. It's been 30 years since that time. That was awesome!!!" – Attendee at St Peter Regional Treatment Center

"Mlima's Tale was SO GOOD! I haven't been so impressed by a play in a long time...I was tearing up from the very start." – Victoria at Open Book

"So good. Thank you for the amazing art you create. Nourishes the soul!" – Sandy at Open Book