(Developed by TTT’s On Belonging Committee as well as Isabella LaBlanc, Dakota tribe member and beloved theater artist)

We acknowledge that Ten Thousand Things Theater, based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, is located on the traditional land of the Dakota People, and we honor the Anishinaabe People of this land as well. We are guided by the original stewards of this land.

As we continue to educate ourselves at TTT, we invite you to investigate who the original peoples are from where you are located, participate in local and national grassroots-led campaigns, and celebrate the vibrancy of Indigenous people today. This land acknowledgement is not a static, historic statement. The land is to be protected, honored, and cared for today and for future generations.

Dakota Land Map by Marlena Myles. Learn more about Marlena here.

Land Acknowledgement Image by Marlena Myles