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Join our Legacy Circle

A match of up to $250,000 for legacy gifts designated by September 2023.  


What:  A gift made through a will or a living trust. It is usually a set dollar amount or percentage of an estate that goes to a nonprofit.
Why:  Bequests are one of the easiest planned gifts to make and costs nothing during a donor’s lifetime.
How:  A bequest can be included in a new will, or added to an existing will or living trust through a simple amendment called a codicil — often without the expense of hiring a lawyer.

Retirement Plan

What:  A donor can name a nonprofit as the beneficiary a portion or all of their IRA, 401(k), or other Retirement Plans.

Why:  When the donor’s estate is settled, the amount designated passes to the nonprofit and the donor’s heirs avoid associated income and estate taxes. 

How:  Beneficiary designations can be done via the employer or plan administrator. 

Life Insurance Policy

What:  A donor can designate a nonprofit as a Life Insurance policy beneficiary, allowing the donor to provide a large gift to a nonprofit — often more than they are able to donate outright. The donor will have the flexibility to change the beneficiary designation if circumstances change.
Why:  The donor’s heirs may benefit with lower estate tax.
How:  Beneficiary designations can be made through the donor's insurance provider

  Our Information

Legal Name:  Ten Thousand Things Theater
Address:  1430 Concordia Ave, #40216, St Paul, MN  55104
Tax ID number:  95-4300792
Contact  Person:  Amy Tang This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 612-203-9502

Legacy Donor Benefits

  • Annual thank you gathering with staff and artists
  • Advance notice when reservations open
  • Opportunity to enter lottery to purchase flex passes
  • Recognition in programs and print newsletters