The Comedy of Errors - Virtual Reading

March 18-20, 2021

Directed by Risa Brainin
Music & Sound by Peter Vitale

Featuring Sarah Agnew, Jasmine Bracey, Cristina Florencia Castro, Sun Mee Chomet, Mo Perry and Sally Wingert

Assistant Director – Iris Skeen
Stage Manager – Salima Seale
Technical/Design Support – Aaron Fiskradatz
Dramaturg – Jo Holcomb

 At a time of profound division around identity and origin, this comedy explores the richness of finding love in unexpected places and the challenges of immigrating to new lands. Filled with zany confusion, the play asks questions relevant for today: How do any of us really know who we are—or what day it is, for that matter?

"We Loved it! It was such a shower of wonderful language, wonderful direction and acting and your signature madcap twist on things. Thank one and all for a marvelous evening."
"Fascinating interpretation of a familiar Shakespeare work. It was loved by our entire family, from ages 9 to 73! Thanks very much."
"Thank you. It was so delightful! We live in Grand Marais and with zoom we are able to enjoy your theater."
"My daughter and I watched together, she at college and me in Minneapolis, texting at the good bits. We both loved it!"
"Thank you!! This performance was absolutely wonderful! I think I miss live theater more than anything else since the pandemic started. This so helped! You received a standing ovation from me!!"
"Dedicated to Everyone, everyone who contributed to the performance of A Comedy of Errors. I laughed and cried when I attended from my sofa last night. My spirits restored knowing TTT is alive!"
"So well cast, beautifully directed, entertaining, really fun to watch and listen to. Sound emphasis and costumes were superb. Details and timing impeccable. Just the entire design and execution was superb. Thank you."
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