Ashawnti Sakina Ford

Ashawnti Sakina Ford has creative roots in the Twin Cities as the daughter of two Twin Cities artists, her father a rapper and mother a spoken word poet.

Raised with the richness of Black artistic expression and creativity, it was a natural path for her to become an actress, improviser, director, playwright, arts educator, cultural producer and now a community programs associate with TTT! Her work has always centered around social justice, youth empowerment and arts accessibility.

As an actress, she has performed with theaters such as Children’s Theater Company, St. Paul’s History Theater, Pillsbury House and Theater, Sandbox Theater Company and more. As an educator she has brought workshops based in “Theater of the Oppressed” to youth in Monrovia, Liberia as well as London, England. She has also curated and facilitated theater workshops for youth across the metro area and for college students in the midwest.

She is the co-founder of two theater companies, the Black Ensemble Players and Theater 45°. Ashawnti is a member of Blackout Improv, an all-black improvisational comedy troupe who tackle social issues and comedy all in one night. She holds a BFA in Theater from Viterbo University.