Artist Created Work

April 9, 10, 2021
by Ten Thousand Things Artists

Three groups of TTT artists created original pieces that evoke joy, humanity and inspiration. Join us for this rare opportunity to see artists at work and at play.

Created and Performed by Brian Bose, Joy Dolo and Marcus Quiniones
F. E. A. R.
False Evidence Appearing Real. An exploration of fear and humanity in 2021.

Created and Performed by George Keller, Meghan Kreidler and T. Mychael Rambo
On the Rocks
A reimagining of the Greek tale of one sailor’s journey into the rocks, called by sirens.

Created and Performed by Aimee K. Bryant, Elise Langer, Tracey Maloney and Karen Wiese-Thompson
Everything Sucks & Everything is Hilarious
Four vignettes that touch on joy, and kindness and togetherness

Stage Manager – Tree O’Halloran
Technical/Design Support – Peter Morrow


"I've enjoyed all your performances online-to date. They're fun, professional and alive. And your company seems to use the technology to your advantage—the way you incorporate images and interactions between the performers. Things seem connected and make for a smooth performance."
"What is amazing about your theatre is the quality of performance. Even your Zoom readings become so much more that I hesitate to call them readings as I am again drawn into characters and their interactions. Bravo to all the creative individuals that make Ten Thousand Things the gem that it is."
"I really enjoyed the last performance, which was joyfull! It's what I need these days. Thanks."
"Loved seeing and hearing from the uber talented 10k artists!"
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