Regina Marie Williams


Regina has performed at Guthrie Theatre, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Park Square, Mixed Blood and Penumbra. At TTT, she has performed in Once on this Island, Doubt, Man of La Mancha and Romeo and Juliet. "I have been an audience member at many other TTT shows. What I have learned for sure at TTT is that theatre is not a place but an EXPERIENCE. An experience that is only completed once the audience arrives. They are the last character. The one not described by the playwright, not directed or rehearsed. What they bring is often surprising and rich. Love, joy, sadness, loss, desire, disappointment are not exclusive to any one specific group. They are human experiences. Our audiences ALWAYS get it. TTT audiences are the best. As a TTT actor, I get more than I give. My husband suggests that I am kinder, happier when I work at TTT...Hmm, I think. Being a better actor would be great. But a kinder, happier human being? Oh yeah! I can go for that."