Production History

By Meredith Willson

"Rarely has this show seemed so generously poignant, so sentimentally honest." Star Tribune

“I get out in 13 hours, and I’m counting it down, but I’m kinda glad it wasn’t 13 hours ago, otherwise I would have missed this. I want to bring my daughter to it in a couple of weeks!” Inmate after The Music Man

“When I find out when you all are coming, I ask people not to visit, so I don’t miss it, and I really value my visits. But having you guys come here for us, for a little while we can laugh and be people and be somewhere else entirely. We can think and talk about the play for weeks. It is such a treat.” Inmate after The Music Man

“I was not optimistic how my kids would take it, a crowded room, a late start, something new with strangers. But as you all got started it was like magic. Kids that I have never seen care about much of anything were laughing and really listening. It was beautiful. All of my students and the older immigrant learners. I felt honored to be in the room with them all and with you all. Half the fun was seeing everyone’s reactions!” Teacher at Harmony Learning Center after The Music Man

"At the end of each show, as the cast takes a bow, I am curious as to where all the other actors are. There always seem to be so many more people on stage than there actually are, that a cast of 8 can swell in my mind to a cast of 20. What magic you perform in front of my eyes." – Mike after The Music Man

"I don't think I've ever had a performance change my mind so drastically about a play as Ten Thousand Things' production of The Music Man did. A show I only really remembered as a relic was brought to incredible life and lifted up so gorgeously by everyone onstage that I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye and hairs raising on the back of my neck. Never in my life did I think I'd call any production of this show inventive, and yet Michelle Hensley and company have done it again. Bravo, y'all -- thank you for the truly unbelievable reminder of what a thrill theater can be. The best night of theater I've had in a LONG time!!" Max after The Music Man

"Fantastic again!! Loved this soooo much. Everyone was excellent. I can't even say how much fun this was. Beautiful. Thank you for the joy you have brought to me." Paula after The Music Man