Production History

By Kira Obolensky

"Dirt Sticks makes magic out of tragedy and second chances." City Pages


“Well that was real good. Real real good. I’m going to remember this.” Inmate after Dirt Sticks

“This is a really good play, funny, kind of dark but it still brightens up this place. I’d like to see that big moon sometime.” Inmate after Dirt Sticks

“It took everything in me to come down here tonight. I sure am glad I came in here to sit down. Thank you, what a nice night for me and my friends here.” Client at Cornerstone Advocacy after Dirt Sticks

"Dirt Sticks was beautiful. I laugh and I cried. The story of the mother's ghost and their pasts being unraveled through the peddler was amazing. The inclusion of the audience into the performance was very entertaining. I absolutely loved how the ambassador night was also aimed towards audiences of color. Your work is needed and I thank you for it." Billy after Dirt Sticks

"I truly enjoyed this show. This show makes you think about the ripples that spread out from each experience you drop into the pool of your life. Some can drop and be gone, some expand outward to enclose others around you. This is life. Thank you for this slice of life. Keep up the great work." Michelle after Dirt Sticks

"What a wonderful performance and mission. This was our first time at Ten Thousand Things and we will definitely be back. Each move, jester, facial expression and line of the play held so much meaning. What a tight, cohesive play, thanks to the actors and playwright." Fern after Dirt Sticks