Ten Thousand Theaters Conference


Sunday, December 3, 10 am–8 pm & Monday, December 4, 10 am–4 pm
Open Book | 1011 Washington Avenue South | Minneapolis

Meet with professional colleagues from around the country who are currently practicing the TTT model in their own communities, or who are interested in starting up a practice, to learn and share and be inspired.


What's Included
A conference fee of $200 includes lunch, Happy Hour and dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday. Coffee, tea and water will be available all day throughout the conference.  And, for those attendees arriving early, there’ll be a cocktail reception hosted at a nearby patron’s home on Saturday evening!

Financial Assistance & Hospitality
Some TTT artists and staff have offered rooms in their homes, and transportation to and from Open Book. Also, stipends to help with the registration fee/transportation are available. In awarding the limited funds we have, we’ll give precedence to independent theater artists who are not currently affiliated with any theater company. We will strive to let you know about financial assistance by October 6. Check the boxes below if you are interested in either or both options.

Limited Space
Space at the conference is limited, so we will first give preference to practicing theater artists and theater staff members from around the country before opening it up to academicians, students and local artists on September 1.

Hotel Recommendation
ALoft Hotel, at 900 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis. Specify rooms for Ten Thousand Things to get the rate of $139/night. The Aloft is within easy walking distance (one block!) of Open Book, which is also easily accessible from the MSP Airport via the Blue Light Rail Line.

Contact information

Mailing Address
Artistic Discipline (if any)
Theater Company Affiliation (if any)
Dietary Restrictions (if any)
Please check if you are interested in:

What We'll Actually Be Doing

We will meet in a large group to share stories of what has and has not worked (we call them “Exhilarating and Excruciating Tales”), and break into smaller groups to discuss such topics as directing (Shakespeare and other kinds of scripts), acting, sound and music, set and costume design, tour arrangements and management, fundraising, and audience engagement.

And, if there's snow? We have plans to go sledding!

Is there ANYTHING ELSE you would like to discuss?
Do you have specific QUESTIONS about this kind of work?
What do you want to LEARN more about?
What special knowledge or experience would you like to SHARE?