The 2017/2018 Season

After the Show


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Park and Lake is a kind of fairy tale about an imaginary car wash, near a lake where rich people vacation. The play tells the story of a group of workers who are forced to take charge of their own destinies when a crisis occurs.

Owned by Manny, an immigrant from the Philippines, the Park and Lake car wash has been in operation for a couple decades, offering its workers room and board—in a rundown apartment, with meals provided by Manny—in exchange for lower wages. The reason this is attractive to the workers is that the nearby resorts have driven up rents so that working people cannot afford to pay them. 

When the play begins, Manny is planning to sell the carwash to a corporation, but he’s keeping this news secret from the workers.   

PnL1Discussion questions

  • Do you think the workers would have decided to take over if Manny hadn’t decided to sell to a corporation?
  • Who is your favorite character who works at the Park and Lake? 
  • Manny is an immigrant from the Philippines who has made his life better and embraced the American dream/myth of pulling himself up by his boot straps. How do you feel about his success? 
  • The workers refer to themselves as a kind of family, even as they aren’t related. Have you ever found yourself making a family out of people you know or work with? 
  • What do you think Manny should do at the end of the play? Why? 

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